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 Paper Mario - Platform: Wii

Paper Mario - Platform: Wii

Luigi's Secret Basement:
First, get the Super Boots. Then, go to Mario's house via Toad Town and stomp 
the ground inside Mario and Luigi's bedroom. Eventually, you'll see a tile on 
the floor going up when you stomp. Stomp on that tile and the floor will bust 
open Luigi's secret basement, and inside is his own secret diary! 

Original NES Mario:
In Boo Mansion, go through the door across the hall from the entance, the one 
with a large jar in it. Jump in the jar and NES Mario pops out! Leave the room 
or jump back in to change back. 

Shocked Luigi:
To give Luigi a real scare, exit Boo's Mansion BEFORE getting Lady Bow. Return 
to Toad Town (You still have to fight Jr. Troopa, darn it), jump into your Pipe, 
and return home. Enter Mario's room and look for a strange-looking part of the 
floorboards (Entrance to Luigi's Diary). Go through and Luigi will be writing in 
his diary. He sees you, becoming stunned for a moment, then fleeing. For fun 
only. Does NOT affect storyline or Luigi's Diary entries. 

Avoid fighting the buzzard:
On Mt. Rugged, when you encounter the Buzzard enemy, tell it that your name is 
Luigi, and you won't have to fight it. 

Avoid using FP:
If you can pull off a FP-consuming attack outside of battle (Such as a Spin 
Jump) and get a First Strike, you will automatically use that attack in battle 
without using any FP. This also works for Mario's partners' attacks. 

Free unlimited hearts:
While in toad town, from the post office head to the right. Eventualy you will 
see 3 blue creatures. The one on the left moves its eyes, and the other two 
dont. Walk in circles around the one with moving eyes to recive more and more 

Original Mario music:
When a new chapter begins, wait a little while and the original ''Super Mario 
Bros.'' music will play. 

Unlimited levelling up and easy exp:
Normally all enemies stop giving you star points when you pass a certain level 
and you're forced to visit a new area to be able to build any levels. However, 
there is one hidden enemy in the game you can fight repeatedly regardless of 
your level and will give you over 40 star points, the equivalent of fighting 40 
easy enemies.

In the flower fields, take the bottom right hand path and cross the spikes with 
lakilister. A glowing amayzee dayzee will randomly appear with 1/4 odds. It may 
run away, so try a dizzy spin attack to daze it before the battle starts and 
kill it in two turns for massive star points. Travel two screens away and repeat 
the battle to hit the max level easily.


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