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 Voodoo Vince - Platform: XBox

Voodoo Vince - Platform: XBox

Unlimited lives:
Pause game play, then press X, R, L, A(2), X, Y, White, B, L, R, Black, Up(2), 
Down, Left, Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: If it does 
not work at first, keep trying as it is difficult to activate. 

Defeat the gas cans:
First you got to get on fire and don't worry this wont hurt you- then go near 
the gascans=boom. they are still half alive so you pick up the gas and gas up 
the steamroller and run them over- this will open the portal to the next level.

Getting in the museum:
On "The square" level talk to the Jazz man (in front of the museum) he will ask 
you if you have a trumpet. cause you don't you'll have to buy one. First climb 
the clock tower and jump on the plat form and change the time to 8:00 PM , jump 
off. in the back alley is a bird mask thing in the top corner there's a costume 
party go in the door and Vince will come out with money go to the clock and change 
the time to 8:00AM. now go to the pawn shop now change the clock to 11:00PM and 
go to the jazz club with your trumpet. Now go to the jazz man talk to him and hell 
let you in.

Dino and beyond:
Once you get into the Museum, go around on the left and up the stairs (leave the 
hat alone for now). Once you are upstairs, switch all 3 levers, then continue left 
jumping down to the stairs. 
Now go back, grab the hat and head to the entrance. A bit of timing should help 
to show old Dino the light. 

Jump and glide into the now open center where the statue is to get into the next level.


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