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  Hints and Tips for: 100% Orange Juice 
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 100% Orange Juice Cheats

100% Orange Juice

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Finish Bounty Hunters Event (Fastest Method):
Written by Espectros

With this guide you can finish the whole "Bounty Hunters" event in just 
over two hours.

-=Above All
* Play in single player mode...
* In custom, select "Bounty hunt" mode.
* There choose the "Practice Field" board.
* Then choose the events "Regeneration", "Charity", and "Miracle"

Note: you can exchange "Regeneration" for "Sprint" if you want to speed up the 
game in exchange for some extra life points.

In character selection you must choose Tomomo.

Note: In single player mode tomomo has:

6 life points.
+2 attack points.
0 defense points.
+1 evasion point.

That makes it one of the most profitable units in this mode.

-=During the Play
* Basically, this is the circumstantial point of the guide, as you play by holding 
  down the Ctrl + Shift keys, this will make the game go five times faster than 
  its normal speed.
* This will cause a game that can normally last 1 hour or more to be finished in 
  15 or 20 minutes, sometimes even in less time.

Note: This only works in single player mode.
The bots in this mode at most throughout the game will get 10 of fame, so you 
don’t have to worry too much about them.

Before you get the 20 of fame try to fill your hand with Quests & Bounties, and 
try to fulfill them all before you finish the game, this accumulates more fame 
in a single game and you don’t have to do other games.

-=To Finish
Once the game is over, you just need to repeat the previous steps as many times 
as you need to, and with that You’ve beat the whole event in (more or less) two 

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