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  Hints and Tips for: 80's Overdrive 
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 80's Overdrive Cheats

80's Overdrive

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Final Boss Encounter Tips and Guide:
Written by Cedarium

I’ve seen a bunch of negative reviews for the game citing the final boss 
as game-ruining and unfun, being seemingly unbeatable. However, the boss 
is actually very straightforward once you know how it plays.
Yes, he is far faster than you, but you can still easily win!

-=Tips and Tricks=-
The first thing to note is that the track for the final boss fight has no 
cars other than you and the boss. With that out of the way:

1.You’ll always need to use your first boost in order to get ahead of the 
boss at the beginning. Save your second boost for if you mess up near the 
end and get overtaken by the boss- building distance between the two of you 
isn’t going to help given the boss greatly outspeeds you.

2.Much of the track is very narrow, with only three lanes. When ahead of the 
boss, you’ll want to constantly swerve across these lanes to prevent him from
having a chance of overtaking you. Because there are no other cars, this is 
actually a perfectly safe tactic to do whenever you are in a straight road 
segment. This is the main tactic that will allow you to win: you’ll want to 
spend the majority of the race with the boss stuck tailing you, unable to pass.

3.When the track splits into two separate lanes, always take the left lane. 
If you and the boss take separate lanes, his speed will allow him to overtake
you easily, and the boss seemingly always took the left lane when I played the
race, so sticking to the left allowed me to keep blocking the boss throughout 
the race.

4.If you can see the boss’ car on the screen, you need to swerve into it and 
crash it into the side of the track. You only have one spare boost for the 
whole race, so you can’t rely on boosts to get you out of sticky situations.
With these tips, this can be you!

-=Note about Ultimate Owner Achievement=-
I’ve seen that the “Ultimate Owner” achievement doesn’t reliably unlock after 
completing the race and obtaining the Penetrator 8080 if you already own all 
of the other cars.

If this happens to you, simply restart your game, make a new profile, and buy 
a car on that new profile to receive the achievement.

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