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  Hints and Tips for: Absolver 
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 Absolver Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Build a Combat Deck:
Variety, power and flow. These are the key components of building a combat 
deck that works for you. Here are some tips on how to make a combat deck:
* Go through the moves you have unlocked and look at the essentials: 
  Timing of the attack, the damage of the attack and what position you 
  finish in.
* Donít make a predictable deck; decks that have the same moves (for 
  example, punch, jab hook) although useful for the first time, are 
  easily identifiable when used in succession. Mix it up with your deck.
* Variety. Like the last point, mix it up attack from multiple different 
  angles. Right, Left, Above, Below. Donít go for three right strikes, 
  as your opponent will recognise it and move out of the way in no time.
* Kicks and punches wonít always work together; having a low kick into a 
  high kick into a regular kick is far too slow and wonít catch your 
  opponent by surprise. Start with a fast strike first to make your 
  combo all the more unpredictable.
* Have your deck flow through itself to have the maximum amount of 
  damage output. Donít just stick with the same combo, repeating 
  itself over and over. Have your deck flow from one combo to another,
  until it does a full circle Ė enough to make your opponent confused 
  on what attack youíre going to do next.

Fight to Learn New Skills:
The black circles with white shadows that appear during combat are a good
thing. When the circles fill up you learn a new skill or a new stance. 
So keep on fighting to learn new skills. Remember that the bar only fills
up when you defend against these attacks using blocking, dodging or your 
special ability.

Finding and Joining Schools:
Written by Certified Sadboy.

Currently, the only way to learn new styles is to join a school. An easy 
way to join a school without having a friend with the style you want just
go to your encounters. 

The triangles next to some players' names is used to show that the player 
is in a school, and if you highlight their name, you can see what style 
their school uses. To join the school, select their name, then select 
"view/join school", and finally "join school" will be on the left side. 
Once you are part of the school, you can use its combat deck, or even 
just the style with your own deck. On the style selection, your new style
will have a blue icon. The blue is to show that using it in combat trials
will earn you more school exp.

Now that you have the style, you can use it freely as long as you are in 
the school. However, if you leave the school you will no longer have access
to it. This isn't very helpful if you want all 4 styles, so you need to 
unlock it permanantly.

Permanently Unlocking Styles:
Written by Certified Sadboy.

To keep a style after leaving the school, you need to master it, although 
the process of doing so is quite a grind. Mastering a style requires you 
to use the style's unique defensive technique (avoid for windfall, parry 
for forsaken, absorb for khalt, and defensive attacks for stagger) to protect 
against oncoming attacks. successfully using the defense will fill up a meter 
similarly to learning new moves.

The easiest way to do this solo is to find an enemy with a consistant and 
predictable attack pattern, and focusing on landing the defense. With windfall 
and forsaken style it is posible to fully master the style with only one enemy,
because they do not require you to hurt the enemy or take damage. Alternatively,
you can have a friend use predictable moves that you can consistantly defend 
against. The experience you earn works like learning a new move; you will only 
keep it if you kill the enemy. Once you have mastered the style, you can 
change schools without any worry of losing access to it.

Mastering the Forsaken Style:
Written by Hart.

This is a simple guide to mastering the Forsaken Style in a matter of minutes.

-=Quick Forsaken Style Mastery Guide=-
This is not a guide on how to join a forsaken school, i'm assuming you have 
already done so and are now in the process of mastering the style itself. 
This is the method I used to master the forsaken style in minutes. This does
not require inconveniencing any of your friends and can be done entirely on 
your own. I did this in under five minutes once I hit my stride. 
The only thing that might slow this process down is finding the enemy NPC 
that has the correct moveset. 

By "moveset", I really mean one move.

Find any basic enemy that has the Jump Out Elbow, it has to be the first move 
in their attack sequence. This shouldn't be too hard to find, I found one in 
the harbor, but i'm sure you can find them anywhere. As you may have already 
found out, if an enemy NPC is within close proximity to you and you use your 
style ability (parry, dodge, absorb) they will automatically attack. 
It's like clockwork and that is the main trick to this method. I prefer the 
jump out elbow because it is so slow and easy to parry, but if you're 
inclined you can use any medium to slow attack as long as you perfect your 
timing. This method has two steps. 

* Parry within close proximity of the enemy to initiate the sequence.
* Immediately parry incoming jump out elbow.

Just repeat those two simple steps until your style is completely leveled. 
This method is the fastest way to grind. Once you iron out your timing 
(rhythm) you can continually parry till the style is completely mastered.
As with learning moves, you will want to get the enemy's health as low as
possible, just to make sure that you don't lose progress if things turn 

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