Age of Fear - The Undead King Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Age of Fear - The Undead King 
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 Age of Fear - The Undead King Cheats

Age of Fear - The Undead King

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: BoneK

Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "Document and SettingsAOF"
directory. Then, activate the following cheats by adding the lines to the file:

Cheat function                            Line
All levels unlocked                     - debug.custom.all.boards.enabled=true
Observer mode (AI fights agains itself) -
No limit for unit upgrades              -
Units will not die                      - debug.god.mode.enabled=true

Unlockable Units:
Unlock the following units by performing the tasks:

Unit           How to unlock
Black Knight - Lose the first battle in "Tale of Sir Edward" (tutorial level).
Marine       - Lose the first battle in "Tale of Sir Edward" (tutorial level) twice.
Revenant     - Win the eighth battle in "Rise of the Necromancer"; enable the 
               debug.god.mode.enabled=true code.
Undead King  - Win the game in both campaigns.
Wight        - Lose the fourth battle in "Rise of the Necromancer".

Unlockable Levels:
Unlock the following levels by performing the tasks:

Level           How to unlock
Battle Royale - Lose the sixth battle in "Rise of the Necromancer".
Hellish Arena - Lose the first battle in "Tale of Sir Edward" (tutorial level) twice.

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