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  Hints and Tips for: Anonymous Hacker Simulator 
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 Anonymous Hacker Simulator Cheats

Anonymous Hacker Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Enter Room 8:
Written by gaming.tec.lis

Important: It is mandatory to FIRST enter the override password "VXXX0003" on 
the bottom left of the Trivadontgo Room Manager window on the hotel computer, 
before second to upload "NetStorm_Injected_01:E0:.exe" to the hotel computer!

Otherwise the privilege elevation won't work, and room 8 can't be unlocked.

-=All Steps=-
* Terminal "netdiscover" to discover the 2 machines on the network. 
  - 1-the hotel PC, 2-random hotel guest.
  - (Option: Terminal "hydra -u root -smb" to get credit card info 
    from hotel guest.) You may try the usernames by yourself for both IP's to get
    this on your own.
* Terminal "hydra -u admin -smb"
  - (Option: get the file "password.txt" for password "00EESS00#" and file 
    "morons_in_the_hotel.txt" for reference "R3-EEERR0000")
* In the upload window, select "uploads/LoudMusic.wav" then Terminal "upload"
* Disconnect by Terminal "disconnect" or by closing the file explorer.
  - (Option: Terminal "harvester R3-EEERR0000" to learn about Robert Lucas)
  - (Option: Use Pentagon's Archive App on your desktop to learn about Robert 
     Lucas and the second password "VXXX0003"). This password alone is not 
     sufficient, as per harvester you'll need higher privileges. 
     The malware "NetStorm" can increase your privileges.
   - (Option: Terminal "inject -s 01:E0:A1:B0:3E:50 -t NetStorm.exe") to create 
     the privilege elevation tool needed later. inject the MAC address of the 
     hotel computer. => Don't upload it yet! Otherwise room 8 will not be 
* Physically access the hotel computer next to the sleeping receptionist. Type 
  the password "00EESS00# and hit the Enter button below. Look at the tabs and 
  names. Maybe change fees, internet band or cancel reservations.
* On the bottom left in the "override password" field, enter "VXXX0003".
* Exit the hotel computer with [E] and open your PC with [R].
* Terminal "hydra -u admin -smb" to connect to hotel computer.
* In the upload window, select "malware/NetStorm_Injected_01:E0:.exe" then 
  Terminal "upload" to load it on the hotel computer.
* Disconnect by Terminal "disconnect" or by closing the file explorer.
* Physically access the hotel computer next to the sleeping receptionist. 
  Navigate tot the "Manager" tab, room 8 is now available for modification. 
  Change the status "locked" to "unlocked" by clicking on it.
* Exit with [E] and go visit room 8
* Dont forget to go back to the hotel computer to lock the other rooms to 
  complete the side gigi.

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