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  Hints and Tips for: Archvale 
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 Archvale Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Small List of Challenges if You Want to Keep Playing:
Written by Lighted.

You can obviously combine these challenges together/make them easier 
for yourself. This is just a list of ideas that will be slowly 
expanding, and I know some people have a hard time finding their own 

-=Class Challenges=-
* Class Challenges are pretty simple to understand.
* You choose a specific class (Range, Melee, or Magic), and then when 
  you get/are able to get the first weapon of the chosen class, you 
  start your playthrough with only that type of weapon.
* You can try this for both normal and hard.
* There is nothing more to add so time to get into the next challenges.

-=The List=-
Skipped Convergence 
- This challenge is brutal, you can only use the fountains that were 
already fixed, and cannot fix any broken fountains you find in the world. 
Probably one of the hardest ones that will appear on this list.

The 0 Fountain Challenge by Haaxor1689 
- Imagine the Skipped Convergence, but now you can only use the fountain 
in Fairreach. Yeah. Have fun.

Useless Anvil 
- Beat the game without upgrading any weapons, on hard.

Greedy Kid 
- No shops, no anvils, no spending money.

- One life. If you die, you delete your save. Simple as that.

- No badges. No cool synergies.

What is this silver part of the inventory? 
- You cannot wear any equipment. Which means no rings, no helmets, and 
no chest plates. One hit probably kills you.

Naked Traveller 
- No armor, no rings, no badges. One hit probably kills you.

- Your mind was fried and now you cannot understand complex things. 
You cannot craft any items.

This pig seems greedy 
- You do not trust the pig, so you won’t unlock any of the banks.

Plum Hater 
- Every time you get a MEGA PLUM you throw it in the chest and forget 
about it. No upgrading potions.

Taking the phrase "do not drink" too hard 
- No potions.

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