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  Hints and Tips for: Aria Chronicle 
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 Aria Chronicle Cheats

Aria Chronicle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Full Quest List:
Written by TightWeb

This is the quest list available in Aria Chronicles. To unlock the sidequests, 
simply talk to people in Tavern every time you progress with the story. Some 
sidequests require you to do previous sidequests to be unlocked. This list only 
listing when the sidequests available to unlocked. However, I do not list what 
quest will be skipped if you run through main story without doing/ unlocking 

-=Quest List=-
The number on the left side is the level of the quest.

1 Prologue

2 An Omen of Disaster

Church Unlocked

2 Giant Tree Forest Mine/Gather
3 Wanted: Wyvern

3 Traces of Fanatics

Black Market Unlocked

3 Giant Tree Forest The Hunt
4 Dust Canyon The Hunt
4 Wanted: Ogre
4 Dust canyon Mine/Gather

4 Find The Way to Ascension

5 White Mountains The Hunt
5 White Mountains Mine/Gather
5 Wanted: Orc Chief
5 Wanted: Zombie Mammoth

5 Messengers From The Cold

Arena Unlocked

5 Giant Tree Destroy The Cult Totem
6 Dust Canyon The Cult Totem
6 White Mountains The Cult Totem
6 Corant Castle Mine/Gather
6 Wanted: Goblin Shaman
6 Wanted: Spectral Knight

6 Guided By The Brooch

Nest Queen available

Note: Check Bee's Nest in Giant Tree Forest to fight her after Cavity Kid 
give you hint about her. She is a lv 6 boss.

Magic Lamp available

Note: Pick "I want to have great adventure" option whenever its available. 
He will give you "The Genie of The Lamp Quest" if you are lucky. 
I think Aria also need min. lv 8 for the quest to be able to trigger.

6 Rescue Mission

6 The Search Continues

6 Dragon's Mouth Mine/Gather

6 Ancient Relic

Do every type of Sidequests at least once to proceed.

7 Corant Castle The Hunt

7 The Icy Army

7 Corant Castle The Cult Totem
7 Wanted: Cobalt Golem

7 The Fire Army

7 Wanted: Sasquatch

7 Repair The Goddess Statue

7 Mysterious Iron Tube
7 Wanted: Spectre

7 Invaders

7 Giant Tree Forest Cartography
7 Dust Canyon Cartography
7 White Mountains Cartography
7 Wanted: Dionaea

7 Dragon's Lair

8 Wanted: Faunus
8 Wanted: Bloodthirsty Rabbit

7 Rescue Emma

8 Dragon's Mouth The Hunt

8 To The Cult HQ

8 Dragon's Mouth The Cult Totem
9 Corant Castle Cartography
9 Dragon's Mouth Cartography

8 The Rebirth is Nigh

8 Wanted: Giant Worm

8 The Magical Dragon's Rebirth

8 Into The Dimensional Crack

9 The Ancient Capital Mine/Gather
9 The Ancient Capital The Hunt

9 Mainframe Omega

Purin unlockable

Note: you need to defeat Writer in Arena to unlock her fight.

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