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  Hints and Tips for: Aria: Genesis 
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 Aria: Genesis Cheats

Aria: Genesis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
* ESC -> Settings -> Options
* Setting Jiggle to None or Low – Tones down or turns off jiggle.
* Avoid Lingerie/Bra/Nighty outfits because they are transparent.
* Skip the Jeo dialogue when Arielle first enters her apartment to 
  talk to him. This is an adult scene that is part of the main 
* Basically, the “lovemaking” is not working, so Arielle decides to 
  go to a nearby factory to get more data on a permanent cure for Jeo.
* Avoid “LOVE” signs and red “E” prompts. 
* There are all Adult sections of the game.

Tip to Find Magazines:
Just wanted to throw this out there, for those who are hunting the 
magazines for the achievement.

* You can look at the magazines you don’t have yet for their exact 
  location, and then head off to the mission (if it’s in there).

* Once you’re there and you get the magazine, you can ESC and head 
  back to the city.

* The magazine will be considered picked up and you can go onto the 
  next one and not have to finish the mission again it was located in.

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