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  Hints and Tips for: Asheron's Call 
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 Asheron's Call Cheats

Asheron's Call

Cheat Codes:
Type the following codes during gameplay to make your 
character do the following crazy actions:

 Code          Result 
*ATOYOT*    - character jumps and freezes like the actors in the 
              old Toyota commercials 
*YMCA*      - character's hands sparkle, character does The Village
              People's "YMCA" dance, and leaves a sparkling trail 
              behind as it moves through game world 
*TEAPOT*    - Character does "I'm a little teapot" dance
*SNOWANGEL* - Character creates a snow angel on the ground
*MOCK*      - Character points and laughs
*AKIMBO*    - Character places hands on hips and laughs
*AFK*       - Character sits while floating in air
*MEDITATE*  - Character meditates
*PLEAD*     - Character pleads for mercy

Be sure to go through the tutorial dungeon until you're comfortable
with the keyboard and the interface. The target monsters in there 
give experience (though not much), and you'll receive a useful item
at the end. 

Learn to recognize the early warning signs of impending lag, one of
which is that your character suddenly appears to be running through
jello. When in the wilderness, immediately stop running until the 
lag storm passes, and if you're in combat, get away as soon as possible.

When adventuring far from towns, or in potentially hazardous areas, 
always have the map screen open (press F10 to bring it up). Keep an 
eye on your coordinates, especially when you're in combat; if you die,
jot down the location where you died so you can find your corpse. 

The most useful keys for searching for your corpse are the bracket 
keys ([ ]). These will cycle through all the inanimate objects within
your range, including your corpse, should you be near. Also, when 
you're running through the wilderness, you'll sometimes come across 
the most amazing items just lying on the ground. 

Always attempt to identify a monster you haven't fought before you 
get into combat with it. Click on the monster, and press E (for Examine)
or click the magnifying glass. Even if you don't get the statistics, 
you'll always get the level. 

Break allegiance without losing experience:
Delete your character at the character selection screen and restore them. 
When you log back on as that character, your allegiance will be broken and
it will once again require 0 experience to pledge allegiance.

YMCA Dance: 
If you type *YMCA* in the chat box, your characters hands light up and
he or she will do the YMCA dance.

Submitted by: Bob Villa

If you are in with the alligance of Jahvis or you know him Plz tell Jahvis
that Zezs can not play anymore and that he has indeed started another 
character thx and if you know Renimmm or are in his allegince plz tell his
alegince that renimmmm\'s acount is not working either thx.

Free stuff:
Start a new game as a character that has the items you want. Find a good 
secret place such as in the water or way out in a field (preferably near 
a landmark, like a really tall tree, and remember the COORDINATES!!!)
Dump all your items, clothes, and spells. Then play as your favorite 
character and get all of it, and sell it. You won't be able to lose 
anything, but try to put it where others won't find it!

Great Items from chests:
Submitted by: Cheats 
At the bottoms of Collier Mines there's a chest that spawns really great 
items once every 26 minutes. Collier Mines can be found north of Holtburg
and slightly east in the abandoned town of Collier around 57N 38E.

Penniless? Try Apple Picking: 
At Yaraq there is an apple orchard with almost four dozen apples lying around. 
Normally apples don't sell for a lot, but if you pick up all of the apples 
until there are none left and sell them, you can make at least 300 pyreals 
due to sheer quantity.

1000/2000 Exp Free:
1. this isn't really a cheat but a trick go to the one place with mortons 
retreat but don't go into the portal there is a bar near it go in there and
talk to this one green clothed dude hell tell you to go on a quest do what 
he tells you to you get 1000 exp and if you do it right there should be to 
quests if you play your cards right and a ring to I think you can do this/ 
these once a day unless they fixed it up in one of the latest/older patches
2. don't listen if they say they know a cheat there are none this is an 
online game not a regular game but there are emotions that you can make your
character do but if you had decal you wouldn't need to know it.

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