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  Hints and Tips for: A Small Favor 
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 A Small Favor Cheats

A Small Favor

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: RM

* Don't kill anyone until you get the mission/favor that tells you to
  do so. On the main storyline you can't, but on, say, the bodyguard 
  mission, If you kill him before talking to the guy, you won't be 
  able to complete the favor, because you never accepted it.

* If you use the bomb (don't shoot Milo, give vial to Scavenger past 
  the Worms Lair) on the transit trader, you won't be able to trade 
  there anymore, so do the baby doll favor first.

* If you blow up the transit trader, you can still get his stuff - 
  just click on the items, and you steal them.

* Round One
* The Apartment 
* Get the gun 
* Charge it in the power generator 
* Get the cigar 
* The Apartment Hallway 
* Give cigar to the Insect Trader 
* Get green hose 
* Outside the Apartment 
* Click the metal ground switch to turn the water on. 
* Walk Right 
* The Big Rock 
* Walk right 
* The Blue Cactus 
* Select your hose and drag it to faucet with running water 
* Fountain will overflow and reveal secret hatch 
* Enter hatch 
* The Worm's Lair 
* Get objective to ELIMINATE MILOS 
* Walk back to Transit entrance 
* Transit Entrance 
* Click machine to de-activate gun. 
* Enter Transit Lobby 
* Transit Lobby 
* Click the alarm to move security robot. 
* Walk Left 
* Transit Waiting room 
* Click garbage to get bottle 
* Walk Right 
* Transit Lobby 
* Talk to the Transit trader 
* Trade bottle for red plug adapter. 
* Observe Transit symbol - note whether it's showing a triangle, square or circle. 
* Walk Left 
* Transit Waiting room 
* Drag the red plug adapter to power outlet. 
* Cord will plug in giving power to the coffee maker. 
* Go down the stairs to the left 
* Generator room 
* Click on the jacket on the ground to see the combination to Roy's locker 
* Enter locker code 4827 
* Get the mug 
* Look at the combination sheet 
* Look at code for triangle, circle or square depending on what was shown in Transit Lobby 
* Enter appropriate code into shield keypad 
* Charge your gun with generator 
* Open the leftmost locker and get a cup with coffee beans 
* Click on the fan control on the right wall turn it off 
* Go to the waiting room and enter washroom 
* Washroom 
* Open vent 
* Look in vent and shoot out power supply. 
* Transit Waiting room 
* Click on the coffee maker 
* Put in the coffee beans 
* Put in the mug 
* Get mug of coffee 
* Give mug of coffee to the guard. 
* Enter Milos office 
* The Worm Solution
* Milos Office 
* Shoot Milos 
* Return to the worm's lair 
* Worm's Lair 
* Worm will give panel key 
* Walk back and take Transit system to building #9 
* Building #9 
* Use key to open security tower panel 
* Security chip puzzle solution 
* Press big red buttons to turn them green 
* Unplug patch cord, plug into next series of Red buttons, press them 
* Repeat on final set 
* Press top left switch to remove chip cap 
* Move both sliders all the way to the right 
* Press green left arrow 
* Press square button 
* Press green right arrow 
* Get chip 
* Building #9 
* Bring security chip to worm 
* Worm's Lair 
* Get hacked chip 
* Return to building #9 
* Building #9 
* Put hacked chip into security tower 
* Enter gates 
* Alternate Milos Solution
* Milo's Office 
* Don't shoot Milos 
* Take Green Vial 
* Bring Vial to Scavenger 
* Get bomb from Scavenger 
* Give bomb to the worm 
* Watch him explode! 
* Return to Milos to get Yellow code clearance 
* Enter Building #9 
* Hallway 
* Go into the first door 
* Kitchen 
* Click on thermostat on wall 
* Turn the temperature all the way up 
* Hallway 
* Go into the 3rd door 
* Birdie's Office 
* Pick up the mug 
* Exit to Kitchen 
* Kitchen 
* Put the mug in the microwave 
* Turn the temperature down 
* Go into hole in the wall 
* Harold's office 
* Take the badge on the ground 
* Look at the fish tank and get the code "173" 
* Go into the fourth door on far wall 
* Waiting Room 
* Talk to the secretary v 2.0 and book an appointment 
* Then swap an appointment with the password 173 
* Go into the Lobe's office 
* Lobe's Office 
* Kill Senator Lobe 
* Talk to Mr.Dog in Transit Waiting Room 
* Exit and walk all the way to the right until you reach the Carboard box house. 
* Enter the house. 
* Shoot the scavenger and get the briefcase. 
* Exit and head back to Transit lobby. 
* Give briefcase to Mr.Dog 
* Talk to Mr.Blob in Transit Waiting Room 
* Get coffeemaker working with red plug adapter, coffee beans and mug 
* Give mug of coffee to guard 
* Follow guard into washroom 
* Shoot guard 
* Point gun at Insect Trader 
* Holster gun to get mission 
* Head into Milo's office 
* Draw gun 
* Holster gun, don't shoot Milos 
* Take Green Vial 
* Bring Vial to Scavenger 
* Get bomb from Scavenger 
* Trade bomb to Transit Trader 
* Watch him explode! 
* Talk to Mr.Snakeman 
* Get baby doll head from rock by big graffiti boulder 
* Get popcorn bag from bathroom garbage 
* Trade something for green sock from Transit Trader 
* Combine popcorn with sock to make stuffed sock 
* Combine baby doll head with stuffed sock to make a stuffed snake baby doll 
* Give stuffed snake baby doll to Mr.Snake

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