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  Hints and Tips for: Asphalt 9: Legends 
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 Asphalt 9: Legends Cheats

Asphalt 9: Legends

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips:
Written by Johl12

-=Spend Time=-
First you need to realize itís an extremely grindy game. You would 
have to put in at least 1h a day to progress somewhat decently. 
More hours = more progress.

So keep that in mind! If youíre not up to that, you might consider 
not playing the game at all.

Secondly, although the game is over 5 years old and youíve missed 
dozens of events, there are ways to get cars from past events.

It will often take quite some time to get the really good cars, 
but itís possible to build a decent garage in 1-2 years (depending 
on the time and Ä/$ you spend).

Thirdly: as a new player itís best to focus on a few things first:

* Focus for now on the cars you can get easily. The majority of the cars 
are hard to get and often have an opportunity 1x per year or so. Donít 
think about getting those cars unless thereís a reasonable opportunity. 
Best is just to focus on the cars within reach, even when you think 
theyíre stupid and even when theyíre really terrible statwise (e.g. the 
Challenger SRT8 and Z4 are terrible cars to drive in the game, but you 
need them for now).

* Career: play as far as you can. You will get stuck several times, but 
itís important to make progress here because it helps you in the rest 
of the game.

* Daily events: be sure to do all the daily stuff, because itís needed 
to progress. At first you will get crappy cars, but you need those in 
the beginning.

Car Hunts are ideal to get cars AND to grind. Although I have most cars 
from hunts maxed out, I keep grinding for credits, import parts and 
trade coins.

* Special Events (Seasonal): it will be hard to do something of value
here as a newbie, but still try to grab the (few) things you can. Every 
bit helps. And event veterans often donít get past halfway without 
spending real money.

* Mind also thereís a starter event for the 488 GTB, be sure to do it, 
because itís really useful for a newbie!!!

* MP: you need a few decent cars to get anywhere. The most important 
car to begin with is the DS E-Tense. It might not look good, but itís 
the best easy to get D class car for beginners and even veterans keep 
using it. Make sure to max it out as soon as possible. For C the Viper 
ACR or Pininfarina H2 are best easy to get MP cars and in B the Corvette 
Grand Sport (GS for short) is a must have.

* Reason these cars are so good is because they have good handling/nitro, 
which makes them easy to drive. This is much more important than a high 
top speed. Also rank say not a lot.

There are some new features that can help you out:
* Auto-claim: at garage level 12, you can auto-claim some daily events 
  (daily car loot, cup and credits heist). So getting to GL12 is a must
  for easier grinding!
* Starway: there are 3 recurring Starways, every 3 months. For a newbie 
  not an option YET, but later on you will get some good cars from it.
* Showroom: this update introduced, it gives several decent cars. Itís a
  HUGE grind, but might be worth it. For you the Elise event is a must do,
  because itís even better than the DS E-Tense (maxed out).

* Credits: only upgrade cars as far as needed. In career you often donít 
  need maxed out cars. Just upgrade to the recommended rank. Only cars 
  like the DS are worth it to max out.
* Tokens: best is just to save them for now. Start thinking about spending 
  when you have at least 10-20k. Ask here for advice if you think you need 
  to spend.
* Season tokens: this is a new feature, for now I think saving them up
  to max 66/33k (with LP) is best and convert to 2k. Ask here for advice 
  if you think you need to spend.
* Real Money: the game is playable F2P, but progress will go slower 
  obviously. Most offers are way overpriced, you can spend Ä100 without
  even getting a car. The best (or least) worst offers are the Legend 
  Pass (LP) and Daily Events Pass (ONLY for good car hunts!!! Ask for 
  advice again here when in doubt!)

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