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  Hints and Tips for: Backpack Hero 
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 Backpack Hero Cheats

Backpack Hero

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The inner workings:
Written by Lumios

A guide detailing all the inner workings of the game.

-="Passive" items action priority=-
Certain items you may come across (mostly consisting of armor pieces) 
will activate once every turn at the beginning of the player's turn.

However, these items do not trigger all at once simultaneously. In 
stead, they are queued and are triggered each one after another, 
effectively giving them a certain priority.

The items are activated from top left to bottom right. So, in other words, 
think of it like reading your favorite comic book. The very first item 
activated will be on the topmost leftmost panel, whereas the very last 
item activated will be on the lowest and rightmost panel.

[Info to research, under construction]
If an item occupies more than 1 spot in the backpack...

This fact is rarely important, but there are few situations where it 
is vital:

For example, the tooth necklace does 1 non-piercing damage to the player, 
thus it is advised to wear at the very least one piece of armor at the 
very top and the tooth necklace to the very bottom of the backpack to 
avoid taking unnecessary damage. If you run a "masochist" build (for 
example, you have cacti and guarding bands in your backpack) the opposite 
should be applied since you wanna take damage from the tooth necklace.

-="Combo" items action priority=-
Some items can activate other items. For example, several cleavers can 
trigger other cleavers, the Shield Spirit causes shields to trigger 
weapons on use and Hercule Pavise can use other shields.

[Info to research, under construction]
When one of such items is used then the items affected are queued and 
are triggered one after another. Taking the King Cleaver as an example, 
once it is used it will use the 4 adjacent cleavers near it, starting from...

Once an item has been used, however, it can not be reactivated again by 
the same item. This is an intended failsafe to prevent a potential 
"infinite" rather than a quirk of the game.

-=Random Number Generator=-
The RNG is a semi-random value present in most video games and with 
varying degrees of randomness depending on how elaborate it is.

As of now, I am currently aware that the RNG affects:
* Enemy stats (like damage for example)
* Item drops, including their rarity.
* The layout of the next floor.

However, the RNG is really not that difficult to manipulate. One 
notable fact is that Cactus item increases the odds of finding Tooth 
Necklaces, which will then increase the odds of finding Guarding Bands. 
Likewise, getting any curse-related item will give the player increased
odds of finding other curse-related items.

Other than that, RNG is affected by the following:
* How and when enemies are defeated.
* Which items are present in the backpack, plus their exact position.
* The background scrolling -- You can roll whichever item you want by walking 
  around! (This is automatically reset by loading a save, do note that!)

[Needs further research]

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