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  Hints and Tips for: Bassmasters 2000 
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 Bassmasters 2000 Cheats

Bassmasters 2000


This lure floats and can be popped along the water's surface 
to make a splash. It is best used when fish are near the surface 
(overcast, rain, afternoon). 

This lure remains close to the surface after casting, but dives 
when reeled in. Most Crankbait will remain in relatively shallow 
water. They are most effective in medium depths and in cold water. 

This lure is quick, noisy, and can cover a lot of water. It is a 
good choice to use when testing the waters. Small and dark 
Spinnerbait work best in clear, sunny weather. The bigger, 
heavier Spinnerbait works best in mud. 

These lures are often shaped like actual food (worms, lizards, 
crayfish). Naturally colored and smaller Plastics work best in 
clear water. Brighter and larger Plastics work in darker, muddy, 
or deep water. 

These lures work best in heavy vegetation, matted up grass, and 
similar conditions. None of its parts will get caught up in plants. 

This is a fair weather bait that works best in sunny days and clear 
water. They are not flashy, fast, or noisy. 


Old Hickory Lake:
Early morning: Stay near the north shore and the shallow water. 
The game will start very near to a good spot. Slowly pull up a 
bit to find many fish. 
Midmorning: The north shore and vicinity are good places. Stay 
in the shallows in the morning. Water over hard and rocky ground 
is a bass favorite. The small inlets may also have some good fishing. 
Afternoon: The bass will tend to go near docks, poles, clusters of 
rocks, and sharp drops in depth. 

Lake Okeechobee:
Early Morning: The shallows will warm up first in the morning and 
attract the fish. Most of the shore and the area around the small 
islands is shallow. The south shore is a good place to fish. 
Midmorning: The three small islands and the north side of the lake, 
directly opposite those islands are good places to fish. 
Afternoon: Fish in the locations from the morning and midmorning hours. 

Lake Shasta:
Early Morning: This lake has a shallow shoreline, with most of the 
remaining area very deep. Try fishing in the northern recesses, as 
well as in the muddy shallows at the northeast side of the lake. 
Midmorning: Try the shallow areas with structure, such as up north. 
The bass can also be found just beyond the shallows where a steep 
drop-off separates it from the deep water. 
Afternoon: Use your fish finder to search for bass. Stop as soon as 
soon as possible, look at the depth reading, and select the correct lures. 

Retrieving lures:

Retrieve your lures steadily in clear water and on sunny days, as 
well as when you need to quickly look around. 

Jerk the line from side to side to create movement while reeling 
in a loud spinnerbait or topwater lure in muddy or overcast conditions. 

Pull sharply on the line to hop a topwater lure along the surface or 
to pop a plastic or jig along the bottom of the lake. 

Rod and reels:
Reels have various lengths and casting accuracy. Use weight when 
making a line choice. Lighter line allows lures to go deeper but 
also break easier. Heavier line will not break as easy, but may scare 

Choosing a boat:
Select an R. Series boat when first starting because of its good 
handling, powerful motor, and advanced fish finder.

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