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  Hints and Tips for: Bastard Bonds 
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 Bastard Bonds Cheats

Bastard Bonds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Recruit More Party Members:
* Manpower -Stronghold Upkeep = Surplus 
  (hire extra services like merchants, blacksmith, etc.)
* Stronghold capacity - 
  (band members + extra services) = Vacancy 
  (tent icon next to your gold).
* You can only recruit new party members if you have enough vacancy.
* Recruit people by reducing their hp and make them hesitate.

Note: If you leave a map after triggering special events like Kirilo’s , 
Moria, etc. you’ll skip those events and special characters.

Reduce their hp to 1 and 0.5 heart, then wait till they hesitate.
* I suggest recruiting some monsters with poisonous trait like Saurian 
  Lizardman (Coast), or ransom an Onyx from the Ash Lord (Burnt homestead).
  Poison will reduce monsters’ Hp to 1 without killing them.
* Always have a tank (Guard/Ward) in your party.
* You can completely void magic damage by equipping magic ring (Blacksmith: 
  Gems + Lucky ring) with respectable colors. Ex: Emerald ring for warding 
  Rex (green magic).
* Equip party member(Fight/Hunt) with Overwhelming trait (Paul, Galka 
  gladiator, Matsutaka mushroom) with a Ruby ring for Pain strike curse.
* Ransom the 2 archer centaurs on the Tiny Forest Clearing, craft a soul, 
  and then clear the Raptor gate (Onyx ring for the dark magic casters) 
  for the best Bow in the game.

Console command tips:
Written by Alex Sparrow

If you press the (tilde ( ` )) key while in a dungeon, a text box will appear.
so far the only commands I found out is:

addexp (if you type 10 in the box, it will give you 1000 exp)

spawnitem (exact spelling of item ex. soggy sandwich)

forgetmap mapname (map name ex. "Abandoned Barricade" should all be in in 
LOWER CASE (ex. abandoned barricade) and you shouldn't be on the map you are resetting.)

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