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  Hints and Tips for: BattleBit Remastered 
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 BattleBit Remastered Cheats

BattleBit Remastered

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Tips:
Actually use claymores, smoke nades, bandage and help downed peeps and 
youíll be a bit better.

-=Smoke nades=-
Simple, use them to cover your approach. You can select this in the 
customization on Tool A. I donít think people use grenade much in this game 
so just use smoke instead, theyíre more usefull.

This thing is a bit broken, just place them everywhere in the map, mostly 
grass or place that the enemy would walk to. And you got 4 of this, so at the 
start of the map just place them randomly everywhere on the map. Itís a good 
boost of kills.

Fun fact, you can run while using one. Hold 3 to bandage yourself, when 
thereís a downed teammate and they shouted at you, drag them to safety if
 they arenít by pressing f and then Hold 3 again to revive them.

-=Side Attachment, Magazine and Select Fire=-
Flashlight, laser and etc can reveal your position so either you turn them 
off or just dont use them at all if youíre the tacticool type of guy.

-=You can switch them off with T.=-
For select fire you can use X to switch between diffirent fire Option thatís 

To check how many rounds you have Press X, youíll be able to see how many 
rounds you got.

Level Up Fast / XP Guide:
Written by xeN0N

Hey, fellow BattleBit Remastered players! Iíve been grinding the game relentlessly 
lately and Iíve stumbled upon some effective strategies to level up quickly. 
Letís cut to the chase:

Squad Up for Squad Points: Seriously, team up whenever possible. Having a full 
squad means more squad points for everyone, which translates to more XP. Stick 
with your buddies, and hereís a crucial tip: whenever a squad member spawns on 
you, you earn points. So, not only are you providing support, but youíre also 
racking up those precious points. Position yourself strategically, be a reliable 
spawn point, and watch your XP soar.

C4: Your Vehicle-Wrecking Buddy: Troubled by enemy vehicles? Grab some C4 and 
blow them to bits. Youíll not only cripple their rides but also earn a ton of 
XP. Itís an explosive win-win situation! Keep in mind that it takes 5 C4 charges 
to effectively blow up a tank. So make sure you have enough explosives to deliver 
that devastating blow. Get close, plant the charges, and watch the enemy tank go 
up in flames.

Objective Is King: Remember, the whole point of the game is capturing those 
objectives. It not only gives your team an advantage but also fills your XP bar 
rapidly. So, get on those flags, follow your squad leaderís orders, and witness 
your levels soar. Stick with your squad, position yourself near objectives, and 
be ready to defend or capture them. Your presence will contribute to the teamís 
success and boost your XP.

Support: The Ammo Supplier Extraordinaire: If youíre aiming to level up fast, opt 
for the Support class. Drop ammo boxes generously and keep your team well-equipped. 
Stick close to your allies, be in the midst of the action, and ensure that they 
never run out of ammo. Hereís an important detail: when you resupply teammates, 
you earn points. More ammo means more kills, and more kills mean more XP. Itís a 
support-squad leveling extravaganza, my friends!

Medic: The XP Medic Machine: Pay attention. Playing as a Medic is like having an 
XP-generating superpower. Heal and revive your teammates like a pro, and youíll 
rack up XP like crazy. Oh, and hereís a pro tip: bind your drag and revive keys 
to the same button for maximum efficiency. Stick with your squad, position yourself 
where the action is, and always be ready to provide timely healing and revives. 
Each successful heal or revive will earn you points, boosting your XP gains. Keep 
your squad alive, reap the XP rewards, and become the ultimate medic hero!

Useful Tips:
Written by Flesh Automaton

* You can drag and revive at the same time. for bonus points bind drag+revive 
  to the same key.
* You can shoot the parachute of a supply ammo crate to make it fall down faster.
* Squad leader can and should pick the leader role and deploy a spawn beacon for 
  faster spawns near the front.
* Alt + mousewheel lets you zero your scope, combine with rangefinder.

Beginners Tips:
Written by Blacksmith

A list of tips for new players.

* Alt+Scrollwheel=zeroing What zeroing does is helps with the accuracy with guns 
  at certain ranges.
* X is to change firemode. Auto,burst and semi.
* Middle mouse=ping, ping turns red when thereís a enemy.
* Middle mouse (hold) opens a build menu to deploy sandbags and cover. If you are 
  the squad leader, you can deploy a spawn point Alternatively you can press the O 
  button too, ads to exit the menu
* C4 is ur best friend, it helps access to places you cannot fast and damages 
  enemies and vehicles.
* F1-F8 keys in a vehicle changes your seat.
* V is for proximity chat, B is for squad chat and if your squad leader, N is 
  leader chat.
* M is for map (duh).
* Tap R for tactical reload, hold R for quick reload, quick reload drops your magazine 
  but increases reload speed.
* Keybind your bandage and drag to the same key so you can drag and revive at the 
  same time.
* Hold space after jumping to parkour like crazii, you can access heights you never 
  taught you could.
* Use binoculars to avoid glint and spot players.
* Dont pilot the heli unless you know how. Idw to crash like how the heli did at the 
  embassy in MW(2019).
* H is to check the rounds in your current mag.
* jump and nade out at the same time to cover further distances.
* Yes, you can put your mines on drones in the recon class. Have fun.
* Dont booby trap a place with others like SAW SPIRAL, risks involved includes 
  friendly fire and mass manslaughter.
* You can drag ur enemies too, woah amazing right. Now kidnap and interrogate em at 
  the corner.
* Scrollwheel while ads to change optics if u have em equiped.
* Please on toggle for leaning, yes thatís a setting, so your fingers wonít have to 
  play twister on the keyboard.
* Press spacebar to deploy, u donít have to drag ur mouse to the deploy button anymore.
* If equipped, press T to toggle laser\flashlight. But itís not recommended, u are 
  like a lighthouse if you equip it.
* Press N for night vision
* Flares seem harmless until you use them with night vision at night, oh boy u thought 
  discord lightmode was bad. Lemme introduce you the flare >-<
* Please equip the right attachmentsÖ Sum of em are practically useless and make your 
  gun worse.
* Press L in a vehicle to on headlights
* If the building you are on is shaky, run, itís collapsing.
* 127v127 is the spotlight of the game, but remember to try out 64v64 and 32v32 ye? 
  They both have their own signature modes like rush, plant bomb at objective just 
  like valorant and money smth smth I forgot but itís like kill confirmed and itís 
* Underrated feature but if u have half magazines, you can combine the two of em 
  into one full magazine with the P key.
* Bonus: sucidal c4 users, scream or make the weirdest noise possible before 
  exploding to the enemy to traumatize them.

What Is Your Class Tier List and Why:
Itís really not that complicated.

Medics and Engineers are the only viable options. Medics having a self-heal makes them 
OP and can just heal to full after every fight. Engineers have RPGs which can get 3+ 
kills in a single shot, kill people through walls, blow apart cover, and kill vehicles 

Support isÖmeh. Their ammo drop is useful but most players die too quickly to make use 
of it and itís not useful for restocking rockets much. Youíre better off calling a care 
package if you have points spare or finding one around. Their armour is alright, but 
rarely a game changer.

Assault has minor stat increases that donít really matter.

And Recon is for people too scared to engage in real gunfights and so sits in spawn being 
annoying but not contributing much to their team.

When compared to self-healing, and a rocket launcher, the other options just have nothing 
that stands out.

Guide to Heal Yourself & Teammates:
Written by Super Epstein Bros

-=How to Heal=-
There are technically two ways to stop dying after getting shot. First, if players 
get hit and start bleeding, they can press 3 by default on the keyboard to start 
bandaging themselves up. This will stop their health from going down, but it wonít 
make it go up either.

Unlike in other FPS games, actual healing here can only be provided by the Medic class. 
They come equipped with medkits that can restore a playerís health back up to full. 
Medics can do this by equipping their first-aid kits (bound to the 5 key by default) 
and right-clicking on an injured ally.

It will take a few seconds before they get back to full health, so ask the teammate to 
stand still so they donít go back to the battle still injured.

Medics can use their healing kits to patch themselves up by pressing the left mouse 
button. Alternatively, they can throw medkits down by tapping on the X key. Once the 
kit is on the ground, every friendly player on the team will be able to walk up to it 
and heal themselves without any further input from the medic. Only two medkits are on 
a playerís inventory at a time, and any one of them thatís been thrown on the floor 
can be picked up again.

When reviving an ally, they will usually come back to life at half health. Players 
that have gone down should stay done until the Medic is done patching them up. The 
only exception to this is if they are revived on a precarious spot and are taking 
enemy fire.

Bandages are only used to stop bleeding and revive downed allies. Medics spawn with 
20 of these while the other classes have only 3 or 4.

Choosing Class Tips for Beginners:
Medic all the way, and if you like blowin things up, the engineer.

Medic is the current go to class since it has self healing and access to SMGs which 
are also the current meta weapons to use (this is intended to change so donít get 
too attached).

Iím absolutely not that good at this game, but mostly manage to keep a positive K/D 
and spend a lot of time trying to defend points as well as take them.

A big tip I have is to check your map constantly. as this will tell you where your 
teammates are, where the objectives are, which objectives are yours vs the enemies 
(you in blue, enemy in red) and lastly, where your teammates are dying so as to 
anticipate enemy movements.

Expect to die, a lot. Donít rush yourself around the place and donít peak windows 
for too long because you will get shot by a sniper pretty quickly.

Always reload when youíve got half a mag or less, because youíll need it. In quiet 
moments, take the time to combine magazines and also utilise resupply boxes to 
replenish ammo.

How to Get Good at Sniping:
* Binoculars + mid range scopes. 6x and higher long range scopes will show massive 
  glint to enemies so they can see you easily as a white shining dot.
* Also donít hide in grass as grass is not being rendered at all past some 300-ish 
  meters, find good cover instead (rock, tree, build your own with squad points).
* On smaller maps make sure to always be on the move. Use suppressor. Place 
  antipersonnel mines around to have your back at least somewhat covered, donít 
  place them in your near proximity or on clearly visible spots.
* Donít forget to equip a rangefinder to your weapon. Hold down ALT and scroll 
  with the mouse wheel to zero in on the scope.
* Due to the bipod changes, weapon sway is virtually mitigated when used, so try
  to work in getting that. Until then, you can use a button to ďhold breathĒ to 
  stabilize your sway.
* You can ďzeroĒ your sights to a range, including snipers, to make your shot be 
  compensated by extreme ranges, a sniper can zero in to over 1k meters. A range 
  finder can help you zero your sights along with a canted/top sight so youíre not
  giving yourself away if you happen to be using a high-power scope. You wanna be 
  within 30m +/- margin to be on point without needing to compensate.
* A pair of binoculars is really good to spot and quickly sight in without 
  revealing your position(?) I dont know if it glints. The special equipment that
  fake glints has a distinct pattern that good snipers will know if itís fake but 
  if positioned far apart can bait shots from opposing forces. Its a mind game 
  equipment so think about that.
* Patience and do not expect a lot of kills, put on some background noise to pass 
  the time. If there are too many snipers around, its better to play close to the 
  frontline with a medium range scope.
* If you are in a map with ton of buildings, bring a pick-axe, break a few bricks 
  to open up a view and start sniping away. But be weary, the enemy will find out 
  about your secret hiding spot if theyíre smart.
* Donít worry about hitting people while theyíre running, just wait for them to 
  stand still and shoot them in the head.

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