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  Hints and Tips for: Caribbean Legend 
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 Caribbean Legend Cheats

Caribbean Legend

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Newbies Tips and Tricks:
Written by Crowley

-=How to get higher tier ships=-
First, level up to get the ships to start showing up more often. Then, 
make sure your navigator skill (or the officer’s) is high enough for 
the ship’s rating. I ended up just accepting a slight debuff for the 
longest time before I found a great navigator randomly (68) because I 
found a fantastic Corvette that actually had great stats in a random 
pirate vs france battle.

Or, save before going into the shipyard and pray he’s selling something 
good. If not, reload.

Tip: hold right click on the navigator skill in the abilities tab.
 It’ll show you the tier/navigator requirements.

-=Enemy weapon loot and wallet=-
Weapons drop sometimes, just not always. Wallets go into the “other” 
tab of your inventory. If you use equip you’ll crack it open for some

-=Urgent (combat) repairs benefit=-
It certainly could save your life someday. Not useless, simply 
situational. When you have bigger ships with cargo space to spare, its 
very important for long battles. Having a couple hundred planks or 
sailcloth’s can salvage an otherwise unwinnable fight. When you get one 
volley to half sail on your ship it is the only way to safe you from 
being a floating brick.

-=Recruiting crew=-
There’s a weird quirk in the game where you don’t have full access to 
stuff yet until you finish the tutorial. You need to talk to Fadey 
in Basse-Terre on Guadeloupe. His house is the last building on the 
right when you go straight from the port. After you speak to him 
you’ll need to return to St. Pierre to speak to your brother again, 
at which point the tutorial will be over and you can recruit new crew.

You can do it easy peasy. Just talk to a barkeeper at any tavern.

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