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  Hints and Tips for: The Classroom 3 
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 The Classroom 3 Cheats

The Classroom 3

Level  Password
3   -  DONALEX
8   -  BOYCOOT
11  -  CRASH

Level 1:
Go up and cheat on the geek. When the teacher extends her FOV (field of 
view) go to the right wall. When she looks back at her papers cheat on the
geek. When the cheat bar is full, go back to your seat.

Level 2:
Find the geek. He is in the top row, horizontally. He is at the desk in the
middle. He is the kid to the left. When he is lit up white, go back to your

Level 3:
For the second part you must find the geek in the halls. Count the drinking 
fountains. The geek is at the second one. Walk up next to him.

Level 4:
At the start, hold [Down] + [Right]. Go around the middle row and cheat on 
the geek. When the teacher moves her FOV, go down a desk around and under 
the teacher. When she moves to the window, cheat on him until you are done.
Then, go back to your seat.

Level 5:
At the start, hold [Down] + [Left]. Go up and cheat on the geek. Stay there 
when the teacher gets near you. When she moves her FOV slowly to the geek. Go
up a bit to the space in between the desk of the geek's and the desk in front
of him, but still stay on the wall. When the teacher's FOV moves, walk across
it and go down. Cheat on the geek, wait a few seconds while she is taking a 
look at the other people in front, then go down. When she moves her FOV again,
go up and finish cheating. 

Level 6:
Go to the bottom right corner. Then go up. Cheat from the side of the geek. 
When the teacher moves her FOV, stay there. Wait a few seconds then go down 
just a few steps behind where you were. When her FOV moves down. walk across
the FOV and continue cheating until you are done. Then, go back to your seat.

Level 7:
Keep down and to the left until you see a monitor's FOV. Move back into the 
shadows. When you see the FOV move, press [Down] + [Left] until you are against
the wall. Follow the wall and go up. The monitor's FOV will move at the same 
time. Then move across and into the shadows where the janitor is located. Good
timing is required. Go up and in the shadows and go next to the monitors against
the wall. As long as you are in the shadows they cannot see you. Wait for another
monitor to arrive, and until they leave. When you see the second monitor's FOV 
changing to show that hye is moving to the left, go up and into the shadows again.
Follow the wall to the left and stay behind the little bump that you reach. 
When they leave, go into the classroom, which is the next door.

Level 8:
Go straight to the desk and get near the papers. Stay behind the desk next to 
the chair. Hold down the mouse to boycott the test. When the teacher comes in 
and her FOV gets too close, go around the chair down and behind the first row 
horizontally, and the middle row, vertically. When she moves to the cabinet, 
boycott your test from the right side of the desk. Otherwise, your footsteps 
will be heard and you will get caught. When her FOV moves, go to the right, 
as long as she does not see you. When she moves again, boycott the test, and 
get out of the classroom. 

Level 9:
Go to the bottom left corner. When the teacher starts to move her FOV, go up 
and cheat on the geek. When her FOV will not move to the right anymore, move 
down a bit. Then, when she fixes her FOV to the left, go up and cheat again. 
When she is at the edge of the desk at the first row, where she is moving, 
quickly get behind the geek's desk, then around the next desk horizontally. 
Wait there. When the teacher gets near the geek's desk, go back in and cheat
for a second. When she has passed the geek's desk, go back to where you were.
Wait for her to go up and back to the desk in front of the geeks. 
Then, cheat until you are done.

Level 10:
When the teacher's FOV moves go to the bottom right and up to the geek and 
cheat. Stay between the geek and the right side of the desk. There is a little
space you cannot fit in and cheat. Do not worry when the teacher moves her FOV.
She will not hit you where you are. Keep cheating then go back to your seat. 

Level 11:
At the beginning of this level, go to the bottom left and up to the geek. Cheat 
from the left side of the desk, not next to him. Wait for the crash. When all 
the kids decide to see it, get up there quickly. Go behind the geek's desk and
to the desk in his same row (horizontally), but in the middle. Wait until the 
teazcher fixes her FOV to the window side. Then go to the left side of the desk
again and keep cheating until you are done.

Submitted by: Ossaaaaaa

Act 11 is INSANELY HARD (under statement), But I found an Insanely easy way, it 
may take you around 8 times before that 1 in 8 chance gets you though. As you 
start on the black screen hold down+left, once you screen is normal, you a well 
out of your seat, go to the geek and cheat at the left side of the table, when 
the teacher goes to look back, go up ( the 1 in 8 chance is now, the glance 
past you as you gone up a bit, has a 1 in 8 chance of not seeing you, if his 
vision goes a bit red you missed the chance, but you dont realise until they 
are told to go back to thier places.)

Now the teacher says,"heeey!" and if you get the 1-8 chance your ok if you 
don't...!!! RESTART level. Now when he says back to your seats go down and 
cheat again, then go up again wen he says everyone!!!. now go down as he gets 
kids at window, (if you didnt get the 1-8 chance now on the 3 time you go up 
as he glances past you you will have obtain enough red to fail.) 

Cheat last bit of ya bar, now go to your seat with the rest of the boys, and now 
you tell geek about high school (The very first of the classroom series).

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