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  Hints and Tips for: Control 
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 Control Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Unlock & Get Secret Gold Suit:
First, unlock access the Luck & Probability area, and have a Level 5 Keycard. You 
will unlock it automatically through normal story progression. Travel to the Luck 
& Probability area in the Research Sector, and unlock the Level 5 Keycard door to 
find a roulette table inside. Then, win a game of roulette. To do that, you need to 
be as lucky as possible. There are some nearby clues; read the notes to learn more 
about luck all around the world. 

To win at roulette, complete the following tasks:

* Point the Horseshoe up.
* Take the 4-Leaf Clover and place it in the planter near the roulette wheel.
* Turn on all the lights in the room with the roulette wheel.
* Use kinesis to grab the gold fish and move it close to the roulette wheel. 
  Hold it when spinning the wheel, or place it close by.
* Activate the cat statue so that the paw is moving up and down.

Note: You may also need to activate the two bouncing ball fixtures in the room —- 
it may or may not have an effect. If you have all the lucky items properly aligned,
interact with the wheel to win and get the Gold Suit outfit and +2 AP. 
You can change suits at the Central Executive Control Point.

Janitor's Assistant costume:
Successfully complete all Janitor missions, posted in the small Janitor's Room 
in the Janitor's Office area of the Maintenance Sector. After completing all the
missions, complete the "Take A Break" mission to unlock the Janitor's Assistant 
costume at the quest board.

Asynchronous costume:
Successfully complete the Mirror quest in the Synchronicity Lab/Mirror Studies 
in the Research Sector. After defeating the optional boss, look in the broken 
mannequin chamber to the left as you enter from the Ritual Division to find the
Asynchronous costume.

Materials and Where to Find Them:
Where to get materials such as remote thoughts, astral blips, and everything 
you need for upgrading.

-=Material and there Locations=-
Undefined Reading – Executive
House Memory – Executive
Ritual Impulse – Maintenance
Threshold Remnant – Maintenance
Intrusive Pattern – Research
Astral Blip – Research
Remote Thought – Containment
Entropic Echo – Containment
Hidden Trend – Bureau Alerts and Named Enemies
Untapped Potential – Mission Rewards
Corrupted Sample – Mold Enemies

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