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  Hints and Tips for: Darksiders 3 
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 Darksiders 3 Cheats

Darksiders 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Riderís Mercy:
After every 5 humans rescued and returned to the Makerís Forge, Ulthane will reward 
you with an upgrade to your Riderís Mercy. The additional health from rescuing 15 
humans is definitely a nice bonus. Simply return to Ulthane and heíll automatically 
update the relic before you access his normal weapon upgrade menu. 

Youíll earn the following bonuses:

* 1 Human Rescued: Helping Hand Achievement.
* 5 Humans Rescued:  +10% Souls dropped from enemies and the Fiveís a Crowd Achievement.
* 10 Humans Rescued: +20% wrath gained from wrath lurchers and the Crowd Source Achievement.
* 15 Humans Rescued: +30% Health and the Community Outreach Achievement.
* 20 Humans Rescued: +10% Physical and Arcane Damage and the Humanitarian Achievement.

How to Upgrade The Enhancements?:
To improve the weapon upgrade you must go to Makerís Forge and talk to its guardian. 
Select the appropriate option and go to the Upgrade screen. On the right-hand side you 
will see the type of enhancement and 4 stages of upgrades. In order to perform an 
upgrade, you need to have the appropriate items. Itís worth mentioning here that when 
upgrading you only need to take one path (Angel or Demonic), and at the very end you 
will receive all possible bonuses anyway.

How to Unlock FPS:
Follow these simple steps to Unlock The FPS Cap.

Go to:

Open the file called "GameUserSettings.ini"

Look for the line that says;

Change it to what ever FPS you want;
FrameRateLimit=144.000000. If you want it totally uncapped, just set it 
to ďFrameRateLimit=999Ē.

Do note if you go into the FPS setting screen in the game at anytime it will be 
changed back to 60 FPS and you have to edit the config file again.

Soul Harvester / Soul Reaper Achievement Easy Way:
Written by Vlad31

How to get Soul Harvester and Soul Reaper easily.

Welcome Horsemen. In this guide I want to show you how to do these achievements, because 
they take a huge amount of time to be completed. With my help they'll become a piece of 

-=Getting Ready=-
First of all, we need a large number of souls. Take your time and collect as many Lurcher 
Crystals as possible, the more you have, the less time you will spend on getting these 

#1. Travel to a safe Serpent Hole with all your souls (I chose The Crossroads). 
    Stand near Vulgrim, and proceed to the next step.
#2. Go to Options > Gameplay and select Force Respawn. 
#3. Kill the Lurcher Demon to collect your souls. 
#4. Repeat until you get both achievements. 

All Essence Of A Chosen locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all Essence Of A Chosen items, which are required 
to fully upgrade enhancements. One can be purchased from the vendor after defeating the 
first six Deadly Sins. The other five drop from hidden mini-bosses.

1. Hollows, Molten Cave: Backtrack down the stairs and cross the lowered shortcut bridge. 
Proceed up the stairs to the left, then go left again to reach a hidden door. Use the 
crawlspace to reach a switch to open the secret door. Enter the secret door and defeat 
the mini-boss inside to get an Essence Of A Chosen.

2. Haven, West End: Enter the parking garage, and use Stasis Hollow to climb the elevator 
shaft. At the top, use Force Hollow to roll across the gap. Defeat the mini-boss inside 
to get an Essence Of A Chosen.

3. Bonelands, Cargo Ship: Use Storm Hollow to cross the acid lake. Knock down the squid-
platform, and move it left to reach the rooftop. Enter the building to find a mini-boss. 
Defeat it to get an Essence Of A Chosen.

4. The Depths, Forgotten Lake: Enter the water, and sink to the lower left doorway. In 
this interior, press the switches to open the gate. Go inside and float up. Once you 
emerge, use Force Hollow to climb the crystal wall. Defeat the mini-boss in the arena 
to get an Essence Of A Chosen.

5. Scar: Ride the moving hanging platforms, then jump onto the balcony on the left and 
drop into the arena. Defeat the mini-boss in the arena to get an Essence Of A Chosen.

Secret ending:
Progress through Darksiders 3 to eventually encounter the Lord Of The Hollows. This 
character will give you one final gift, but only if you visit him very late in the game. 
Then, complete the following tasks:

1.Go to the Scar and find a gust of wind. Use Hollow power to ride up and follow this new 
  passage to find the demon Abraxas. When you speak with Abraxas, you can choose to betray
  the Lord Of Hollows or kill Abraxas. Choose to kill    Abraxas to initiate an optional 
  boss fight. Collect the Soul Of Abraxas after defeating the boss.

2.Return to the Lord Of The Hollows. You can fast travel to the Lord Of The Hollows Chamber 
  from any Serpent Hole. Once you return, you will have the option to "Spare the Lord Of 
  The Hollows" or "Kill the Lord Of The Hollows". Choose to "Spare the Lord Of The Hollows" 
  to unlock the best ending and get the "A Parting Gift" achievement.

Shamanís Craft Beginnerís Guide:
Written by PDV

For the very specific circumstance where you started the Shamanís Craft quest just a 
little late, after finishing the dungeons it Ďnormallyí hits.

-=Blue Text Means Quest=-
You may have been an idiot, like me, and assumed that colored dialogue options represented 
Ďrepeat past conversationí or something. Bad news: actually that meant this was a quest. 
If you made this mistake for Shamanís Craft, I will explain how to finish this quest 
relatively promptly.

If you instead waited for the late-game to start this, I hear you can do it in the Crucible 
pretty quickly, which will also provide you with phat lootz. But Iím going to assume you 
didnít, and are still in the Forge Lands with the Makers.

-=So, hereís the list of quest goals=-
* Track down Karn and speak with him
* Harvest some Stalkerís Bone from a Stalker
* Return to Karn and ask about Mordant Dew
* Harvest some Mordant Dew from a Stinger
* Return to Karn and ask him about Carven Stone
* Harvest Carven Stone from a Construct Sentinel
* Return to Muria with the materials
* Return to Tri-Stone and speak with Muria.

-=Whereís Karn?=-
Karn moves around as you complete the first three dungeons, and you need to talk to
 him several times.

You will first see him at the gate to the Cauldron; after you complete it, he moves to 
Stonefatherís Vale, and opens the way to the Shadow Gorge. When you finish the Drenchfort 
at the other end of the gorge, he moves to the gate to the Lost Temple. After you finish 
that, he joins the smiths in the Makerís Forge, and stays there.

Fortunately, you can fast travel to talk to him, relatively quickly regardless of where he 
is at the moment, unless you havenít been to his current location yet. But if thatís true, 
good news! Youíre back on the expected track of the side quest and it will be straightforward 
to complete it in line with the main quest.

Iíll assume that you started this quest after the Lost Temple, because thatís what I did 
and itís the most inconvenient time to do it. Youíll be bouncing back and forth to the Forge 
for this.

-=Stalkers, Stingers, and Sentinels=-
Stalkers: Thereís a Stalker in the Cauldron, which is the intended target. If you already 
cleared it, though, it wonít get restocked on later visits. If you still need a bone, visit 
the Fjord; trios of monsters, each with a Stalker and two Prowlers, respawn every time you 
visit. Alternately, thereís a Savage Stalker in the Shattered Forge, which is an optional 
dungeon cleared for another sidequest, The Hammerís Forge, which you might also be 
completing. I canít conclusively verify that this counts for Shamanís Craft, though, I 
did it in the Fjord, which is right next door to the Shattered Forge anyway.

Stingers: There are tons of nests of these pests in the Drenchfort. Thereís a variant common 
in the Foundry, too, which probably counts. But if youíve already cleared Drenchfort, probably
the best path to wrap this quest up promptly is in the overworld; look between the Fjord and 
the Shadow Gorge, where there is a respawning Stinger Hive. Unsurprisingly, this creates 
Stingers. If you need clarification, see here:

Construct Sentinels: These evil floating masks are faced repeatedly in the Lost Temple, 
where they heal and resurrect your other Construct enemies. Like the Stalkers, they have a 
presence in the Shattered Forge, this one not even a variant; the last fight of the dungeon 
has a Sentinel (just one), which works out even if you needed the Savage Stalkers for step 
1. There arenít any Stingers present in here, so youíll need to find some of those when you 
pop out to talk to Karn, before you talk to Karn again and come back to finish off the dungeon 
and the Sentinel. If youíve already finished the Forge, Iím not actually sure where you can 
find them again. Will update when I run into them, or a variant, later.

-=The Easy Part=-
Now head back to Shaman Muria. She never moves much, so sheís right where she was. Probably 
for the best; with that blindfold of hers, sheíd fall down the stairs. Makers are pretty 
tough, but that would be embarrassing. In any case, hand over the goods and youíll get a 
fancy talisman that lets your secondary weapons generate Chaos Reaper Energy. Youíre done.

Finding Makerís Forge Walkthrough:
Follow the only available route climbing the tree to get to the Makerís Forge ó the third 
Vulgrimís pedestal. Come inside to meet Ulthane The Black Hammer. Youíll get the The Bridge
Stone which allows you to teleport the people youíve found to the Haven. In exchange for 
this, Ulthane will be making weapons for you. Heíll also drop a hint that one more Deadly
Sin ó Wrath ó is hiding under the city.

Next up is The Way to Nether.

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