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  Hints and Tips for: Dead Rising 3 
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 Dead Rising 3 Cheats

Dead Rising 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy PP:
To easily reach Level 50 (max level) and max out all attributes in Chapter 1, build the
Ultimate Grim Reaper by first collecting the Grim Reaper, Fire Reaper, Death Mask Reaper,
and Ultimate Grim Reaper blueprints. The necessary items to build all these weapons can 
be found at the same locations as the blueprints for these weapons. Then, find a large 
horde of zombies, and use the Ultimate Grim Reaper to easily kill them and get a high 
combo, resulting in lots of easy and quick PP. It is recommended to do this during the 
night, as more zombies appear at night. Make sure to get as high of a combo as possible
when doing this to obtain a lot of extra PP. When the Ultimate Grim Reaper breaks, simply
go back to a Safe House to get another one. Repeat this process until you have reached 
Level 50 and maxed out all attributes. Additionally, equip the Thrifty Trader book and 
level up the "Smarts" attribute to increase the amount of PP earned for each kill. Level
up the "Melee" attribute to increase weapon durability so the Ultimate Grim Reaper last 
longer, and the "Inventory" attribute so you can carry more weapons. 
Note: To find more large hordes of zombies, defeat the Gang Leader to open up the map.

Easy items and leveling:
When first installing the game, the "Explore while Rhonda is busy..." mission is only 
available while the rest of game downloads after the initial startup. Disconnect from 
the internet to interrupt the rest of the installation while that mission is in progress.
Since that mission does not end until the installation is completed, you can level up 
and collect combo items as long as desired without using any game time. Then, restore 
your connection to finish the installation.

How to Remove the 30 FPS Cap:
To remove the 30 FPS Cap, find the installation directory that contains Deadrising3.exe
and create a custom .ini file. Check the steps below:

1.To create the custom .ini file on PC, start a new Notepad (Or any other text editing
  program) file and paste the following single line of text: gmpcr_unlock_frame_rate=true
2.Save, then rename your .txt file User.ini and place it in the same file directory as 
  Deadrising3.exe. Playing at a smooth 60 FPS takes a powerful computer, but the cap 
  doesn’t seem to hide any cut corners. Animations have the proper amount of frames 
  and the physics engine works as intended.

Unlock frame rate:
Use a text editor to create a filed named "user.ini" in the directory:
"\Steam\steamapps\common\deadrising3". Add the following line to allow the game's 
frame rate to surpass the normal locked value:

gmpcr_unlock_frame_rate = True 

Set field of view:
Use a text editor to create a filed named "user.ini" in the directory: 
"\Steam\steamapps\common\deadrising3". Add the following lines, and change the FOV 
value as desired:

gmpcr_FOV = 90 
gmpcr_unlock_FOV = 90 

Mega Man X costume:
Successfully complete Story mode with an "S" (best) rank to unlock the Mega Man X costume.

Mega Buster weapon:
Successfully complete Nightmare mode with an "S" (best) rank to unlock the Mega Buster 

Dead Rising reference:
When Nick is trying to find Zombrex for himself during Chapter 02, he will be asked by 
Gary to break into St. Keith's Chapel & Funeral Services. After breaking inside and 
clearing the zombies, go to the front of the chapel with the coffin. There is a painting
next to the coffin of Otis from the original Dead Rising. Otis gave Frank West all of 
his missions over the walkie talkie.

Remove onscreen display:
Note: This procedure involves making game files unavailable. 
Enter the "\deadrising3\data\ui\dr3main\screen" folder. Create a "backup" sub-directory 
in that folder. Move the following files into the "backup" directory: 


Note: This will also disable in-game crafting, which forces you to use the safehouse 
instead. To return to normal, move the files back to their original location.

Easy "Complete Package" achievement:
Overtime mode is the final chapter, which is unlocked by completing all previous seven 
chapters within the seven day time limit and delivering Rhonda to Gary in Chapter 7.

Immortal weapons:
Additionally, the following immortal weapons are available in the Apocalypse Edition. 

Chameleon : Acid Jar + Dynameat + Defiler
Chimera   : My Chameleon + Flamethrower + Electric Shout
Roadkill  : Cleaver + Chainsaw + Spear

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