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  Hints and Tips for: Disgaea 4 Complete+ 
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 Disgaea 4 Complete+ Cheats

Disgaea 4 Complete+

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Early Game:
As far as general tips, my main tip would be to keep your party somewhat 
smaller and try not to overlap weapon types. Too many characters will 
dilute your exp gains, and youíll end up with either a team full of meh 
strength guys or a couple strongish guys and a bunch of weaklings.

The advantage of sticking to 1 character per weapon type like this is 
that it both keeps your exp concentrated, yet allows for variation in 

Once you unlock reincarnation, a good tactic to snowball out of control 
is to reincarnate your story characters every few chapters and then 
catch them back up in levels. The mana cost to reincarnate doubles every 
time for generic units, but remains 100 forever for uniques.

In the end, stats are far more important than raw levels, so just a few 
extra points at lvl1 will snowball into a difference of several levels 
worth of stats later on.

Adding to the advice to reincarnate story/unique characters: they also 
gain an increase of +5% to all aptitudes on the first 5 reincarnations 
(regardless of stored levels or anything really), allowing em to gain 
far better stats from equipped gear faster than generic classes can

On that note: buying more advanced gear whenever you can afford it is 
gonna be more worthwhile initially than going through item world to 
improve it. Weapons tend to be more improtant than accessories aswell 
in my experience.

Also, a good rule of thumb for equipping your characters in the early 
game is to have 1 slot dedicated to armor, 1 slot dedicated to shoes 
(+MV is extremely powerful in this series) and the last slot to cover 
some deficiency. For example, Iíll give my lady fighter a spear and 
the best orb I have, since spear techs have rather high SP costs, and 
the high RES will make her beefy against magic attacks. Sure, orbs 
sound like a mage-centric item, but female mages have reduced MP cost 
on spells and therefore donít need the SP, and higher base RES, so Iíd 
rather give them a muscle-type item in that slot (at least early on) 
to give them enough HP to not disintigrate when someone sneezes on 
them. Later game, this slot will generally just be an emblem type item 
on every character, but early on that little bit helps.

My final piece of advice is that until you hit the end game and are 
stacking super hard on damage, putting points into a stat the class 
has poor aptitude in goes far. Your mage will get bonus % scaling on 
their weapon INT, which will probably outshine a couple points in INT, 
but any DEF from equipment will suffer a steep penalty. This penalty 
does not apply to base stats, so itís a good way to balance a 
characterís stats in the early-to-mid game. Or in other words: you 
get more bang for your buck when you invest your bonus points into a 
low aptitude% stat.

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