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  Hints and Tips for: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 
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 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret Mira boss fight:
Defeat all Villainous Parties in the game, which are marked by a red crown 
icon on the map. Once all Villainous Parties are defeated, Mira can be found
on the "Land Of The Kais" planet. He is a Level 100 enemy that has lots of 
health. Defeat him to get the "Down With The Demon Realm!" achievement.

Easy money:
Find a cave with lots of rare crystals. Destroy the rare crystals, create a 
manual save, then reload the save for everything to respawn. Destroy the 
crystals again, and repeat the process as many times as desired. Sell the 
items from your inventory to merchants for easy money.

Easy Rare Z-Orbs:
Rare Z-Orbs can be found in a variety of ways, but two of the easiest are found 
on every map in the game. While flying around, look for Phantom Airways and 
Timed Z-Orbs. Activate a Timed Z-Orb to make additional Z-Orbs appear —- some 
of them will be rare. Look for the Phantom Airways, which are golden circles 
in the sky. Flying into a Phantom Airway sends you through an air-tunnel filled 
with Z-Orbs, including some Rare Z-Orbs. They reset locations every time you 
re-enter a map region. Simply fly into a Phantom Airway and collect the Z-Orbs, 
then go to the map screen, and re-enter the same area for a new Phantom Airway 
to appear. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Graphics Tweaks Through Ini Edits:
Written by Queen Of Hunting

Ini Tweaks for Better Quality

Navigate to: AppData\Local\AT\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open "engine.ini"

Under whats already in there:



Set as read only after saving.

How to Find Every Full-Course Recipe:
Pasta Course 
Speak to the Calm Man who can be found in the Southwestern area of the Central Plains.

Ramen Course
Speak to the Foodie who can be found in the Western area of Central Plains.

Ramen & Rice Course
Speak to Gourmet who can be found at Saturn City.

Meat Course
Unlocked through the story.

Seafood Course
Unlocked after completing the Attacked Villager side quest.

Deluxe Pasta Course
Speak to the Old Women that can be found at Satan City.

Deluxe Meat Course
Unlocked after completing the Frequently Attacked Village side quest.

Deluxe Seafood Course
Speak to the Fisherman who can be found outside just outside of West City.

Special Ramen Course
Speak to an NPC who can be found in the West City.

Special Meat Course
Speak to the Gentle Old Woman at the Tournament area.

Super Deluxe Meat Course
Unlocked upon completing the Anxious Android side quest.

Super Deluxe Seafood Course
Speak to the Gentle Girl at the World Tournaments Area.

Premium Meat Course
Unlocked after completing the Buu The Bottomless Pit side quest.

Premium Seafood Course
Unlocked after completing the Continually Attacked Villager side quest.

Heavenly Ramen Course
Unlocked after completing the Perpetually Attacked Village side quest.

Auto Infinite Super Saiyan transformations:
To obtain Auto-Transformations, first unlock the Training Room that appears around 
the Imperfect Cell Saga. It becomes available when Vegeta trains to become a Super 
Saiyan like Goku. Once the Training Room in the Capsule Corps building in West City 
has been unlocked, modify the Training Room to Level 10 and complete it to unlock a 
special Know-How that gives you auto-transformation abilities. Make sure to equip 
the Know-How to access this special bonus. When the Auto-Transformation Know-How is 
equipped, you can ascend to Kaioken/Super Saiyan without using Ki or draining your 
HP. You can still use ascend/descend forms, and this works for any Saiyan characters. 
Even Piccolo and other non-Saiyans can ascend to their enhanced forms. 
If you continue to upgrade this skill, you will unlock higher transformation levels. 
Eventually you can reach Level 2, 3, etc., but this is really only available as a 
post-game activity. You will need to be around Level 90+ to complete Training Level 
10. It is a nice ability that is very useful when trying to defeat the difficult 
villainous enemies found around the end-game world.

Reaching Level 250:
After completing the game, there are a few things you can do to quickly earn XP 
to reach Level 250. First, upgrade the Training Community Board to the maximum 
level for +100% Battle XP. Second, eat the Super Deluxe Meat Course meal for a 
temporary boost to XP earned. Third, defeat all the Villainous enemies on each map.
After defeating the enemies, much harder variations will respawn. 
Defeat them again for even harder variations to appear.

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