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  Hints and Tips for: DuckTales Remastered 
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 DuckTales Remastered Cheats

DuckTales Remastered

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alternate Endings:
* Secret Ending: Score at least $10,000,000 and then beat the game. 
  This will unlock different ending.
* Bad Ending: Score $0 exactly and then beat the game. 
  This will unlock the "bad" ending.

Bonus Stage:
When your score has a 7 as the 10-thousands digit, like 170,000, call Launchpad to 
take you back home. He’ll drop you off at a secret bonus stage.

Extra Hit Points:
*  At the right extreme of the second floor, there is a large coffin which is marked "R-I-P".
Cane jump on top of that coffin and you can walk through the right wall, which happens to be 
an illusionary wall. On the other side of this wall there is a chest, which contains the extra
hit point.
* For the second Hit Point, move right across the level, until you reach the first pit. Jump
down this pit and keep falling until you reach the bottom floor. Just move left until you 
reach Bubba. To save Bubba just hit the block underneath him with your cane and cane jump from
the block to above the ice, which intraps him. He shows you a treasure chest, which contains 
the second extra hit point in the game.

Refill Your Energy:
If you have $3,000,000 in your total, you can refill your energy anytime by pausing the game 
and then pressing Select. Each time you press Select, you will consume that amount.

Unlimited Lives:
Select the level of the African Mines without a key to be transported to Transylvania. Enter
the mine and climb on the car tracks and collect the extra life there. Then warp out of 
Transylvania without getting the key, after that repeat the process as often as you like for
unlimited lives.

Get Past The Talking Statue For Free:
In the Amazon level, when you will eventually get to a big gray statue that will offer you a way
up if you pay a certain amount of money. Choose "No" and then make Scrooge turn around and walk 
a little to his left. You should see one of the enemies that throw plungers at you approaching. 
Place yourself right under the rope that is at the top of the screen. Now, dodge the plumbers 
that the enemy throws at you, and then use Scrooge’s cane to jump off the top of that enemy in
order to reach the rope without paying the statue.

How To Unlock The Secret 6th Level:
Submitted by: Bonek

DuckTales Remastered includes a brand new level that the original did not have! 
This 6th secret level titled "Mount Vesuvius" can be unlocked by finishing the first 
5 levels that are available from the start of the game: The Transylvania, Amazon, 
Himalayas, African Mines, and Moon levels.

8-bit soundtrack:
Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty to unlock the original NES music for 
stage select and the original stages at the options menu.

Bonus level:
Have a 7 in any digit of your money total, then enter any level.

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