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  Hints and Tips for: Duel of Summoners 
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 Duel of Summoners Cheats

Duel of Summoners

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Perfect Quick Start:
Written by Danko.

This short quick start [completely F2P] guide will provide you with the easy 
step-by-step route to becoming an efficient player, give you an easy to follow 
daily routine for maximum rewards, as well as offer you some game tips from an 
old Mabinogi Duel veteran.

-=Your Route to Success=-
TLDR version, follow this route to success:

Step 1: Play Adventure mode until you're around Level 5. 
        After you finish all the other steps aim to reach Level 10.
Step 2: Purchase your Starter deck in the [Shop] and buy your first Boosters 
        with Gems.
Step 3: Complete three Daily Missions in Adventure tab.
Step 4: Check out your Daily Quests (top left button). 
        Aim to play Arena mode until they're completed.
Step 5: Play Daily Draft mode until you get to Bronze/Silver (2-10 games).
Step 6: If you have the cards, create Limited deck and play Limited to get 
        extra wins for roulette or daily quests.
Step 7: Win 1 Normal PvP duel for 10 Gems, if you can.
Step 8: Check out your Weekly Event Quests (also on left sidebar). 
        Try to complete them within the time to get Gold for trading.
Step 9: Win some more arena games if you haven't completed your Winner's
        Roulette yet (10 wins).
Step 10: Play extra PvP if you're hardcore, otherwise wait until you get 
         more cards.
Step 11: Repeat your Daily Routine (below) every day, buy all the boosters, 
         and you'll be among the most successful Mabinogi Duel players.

-=Your Daily Routine=-
Follow this Daily Routine to maximize your Gems gain!

-=Your Daily Routine=-
Daily Login (3-6 Gems)
Three Daily Missions (8 Gems + Card)
Winner's Roulette - 10 wins (15 Gems)
One Normal PvP Win (10 Gems)
Daily Draft - Bronze/Silver/Gold (3/6/12 Gems)
Three Daily Quests (18 - 42 Gems)

Total: ~70 Gems/Day
Time required: 1-2 hours

-=Other Opportunities=-
Other opportunities to keep in mind:

-=Event Quests=-
Free Boosters for adding 10/20/30 Friends (once).
BiWeekly Event Quests (refresh every 2 weeks):
3 000 Gold for 5 Normal Wins.
5 000 Gold for 10 Normal Wins.
30 000 Gold for 50 Arena Wins.
50 000 Gold for 100 Arena Wins.
Special Edition Hero Skin for 200 Arena Wins.

-=Arena Rewards=-
Daily Draft Arena [PvG] - refreshes every day at fixed time
Participation: 3 Gems
Silver: 6 Gems
Gold: 12 Gems
Platinum: 21 Gems
Weekly Limited Arena [PvG] - refreshes every Thursday
Participation: 6 Gems
Silver: 12 Gems
Gold: 24 Gems
Platinum: 42 Gems
Event Arena [PvG] - check the schedule, active ~3 days a week
Monthly Ranked Arena [PvP] - each calendar month
Rank 11-20: 18 Gems
Rank 6-10: 36 Gems
Rank 2-5: 72 Gems
Rank 1: 126 Gems + Gems Gift Coupon
Weeked Special Duel [PvP] - Fri-Sun only
Participation: 6 Gems
Silver: 12 Gems
Gold: 24 Gems
Platinum: 42 Gems

-=Pro Tips=-
Some gameplay tips from a Mabinogi veteran to help you on your road to success.


-=Adventure Mode (Guide Comics)=-
Tip: Don't try to complete all the adventure quests at once. Take it easy, 
     there is absolutely no rush, and there are many hours of content.

Tip: Use Adventure mode when you have nothing else to do or you desperately need 
     XP/extra gems.

Tip: XP is basically useless after you reach lvl10 and is used only to increase 
     your deck slots and friend slots.

-=Daily Mission=-
Tip: During Mission 3 Extra Card reward, use gems to get extra cards only if 
there's a GOOD 4-Star card or ANY 5-Star card. Once you get it, you can leave 
the mission. If there are lower grade cards, don't waste your Gems.

Tip: Try to always have at least ~15 gems when you start the missions. 
This way by the end of 3rd mission you will have 24+ Gems and you'll be able
to get any lucky card from Extra Card booster! This can save you from losing
a really good 4-Star or 5-Star card.

-=Daily Quests=-
Tip: Always cancel "friendly duel" quests. Most of the time they're an absolute 
pain to complete (you'll have to use Gold to cancel them). Try to complete all 
other quests. This can be an opportunity for some creative deckbuilding.

Tip: Quests refresh not daily but 20 hours after they're completed. 
This way you'll not miss quests, but sometimes it can be very annoying - if y
ou completed the quests in the evening you can't get a new batch of quests next
morning and have to wait till evening. Keep that in mind.

-=Event Quests=-
Tip: Get 30 friends asap to receive free Boosters!

Tip: Win at least 10 Normal duels a week for extra 8000 Gold.

Tip: Try to win 50/100/200 arenas every 2 weeks. 50 Wins will give you 30k Gold, 
100 wins will also get you 50k Gold, and 200 wins will also get you a Special 
Hero Skin (500k Gold worth).


Tip: There are two game types: PvG (player vs. ghost) where you play against AI 
controlled player decks and PvP where you play against other players in real time.
Normal Duel, Monthly Ranked Duel, Weekend Special Duel are PvP arenas. Daily Draft,
Weekly Limited, Event Arenas are PvG arenas. PvG arenas are generally quicker and 
easier. Try to get win streaks for maximum points. 

Tip: In Daily Draft if you don't like your draft deck you can cancel it and reroll 
it any time for free. You can do this as much as you want. 

Tip: Weekly Limited is a fun arena to deckbuild some interesting decks. 
It's not very good on rewards, though, but you can play it reliably to complete 
most daily quests. 

Tip: Event Arena is short time PvG arena open only for about half a week. It's 
great because you can play any deck there without limitations and it usually 
gives good rewards. Level 10 and up. 

Tip: PvP arenas are for the most hardcore and patient. If you're really determined, 
aim to reach Rank 1 in Monthly arena. 

Tip: Join Monthly PvP Arena near the end of each month even if you don't play it - 
you'll receive easy 18 Gems! This also works with other arenas, you don't have to
play them to get participation rewards (you might have to play 1-2 games to 
be eligible). 

Tip: Use 30 Gems to buy a Booster. Every 10 Boosters you'll get an extra card 
(a random 2-star card I believe). 

Tip: More importantly, when buying a Booster there's a chance to get a weekly 
Limited Edition card! Always try to obtain at least 1 copy of this card as it 
will be unavailable in the future (although the regular version with same stats 
will always be available). It might cost millions in player shop a few years later! 

Tip: Sometimes you might want to hoard Gems instead of buying boosters. 
For example, I try to stop buying boosters when I get this week's Limited Edition 
card, so I can save them to get the next week's LE card more reliably. 

-=Cat Shop=-
Tip: You don't really have to use the cat shop unless there's some cards you 
really want to get quick. You'll get them from boosters soon enough. Be wary 
that the cards are pretty expensive, and you can only buy 0-3 star cards so far.

-=Card Exchange Post=-
Tip: You may sell your cards to the Appraiser, however this is mostly not 
recommended unless you need Gold ASAP. Keep your cards (even duplicates!) 
for Cat Merchant Trading, and your 4-Star/5-Star cards for real player trading.

-=Personal Shop Board=-
Tip: Opening your Shop costs 10 Gems. It will only remain open for limited time 
(72 hours I believe), after which you'll have an option to pay 10 Gems to renew 
it. It's generally not a good idea to keep your shop open at all times as it's 
just a waste of Gems. Only open it when you have some great cards you want to 
sell for Gold. 

Tip: You can only sell 4-Star and 5-Star cards in Personal Shop. I suggest you 
only sell extra cards you won't ever need. Please check other shops' prices 
before listing your cards. Tip: The shop has 15% commission. If you sell a card 
for 100k Gold, you'll only receive 85k Gold. Yes, it hurts. 

Tip: I *suggest* you open your Shop early, but only so you would get your fixed 
special shop code. While the game is only starting you can get a pretty cool 2-
digit shop code (like "AB"), later the game will use 4-digit codes (like "J5V1").
My shop's code is "MJ" by the way, visit me sometime! 

-=Cat Merchant Trading=-
Tip: In mobile version Cat Merchant is a notorious scammer that steals your best 
cards and leaves you only junk. On PC, however, he is very useful and gives good 
deals. Always use "Get Advice" to check how good the deal is, and you can usually
ask for different cards ~3 times before he leaves. "Give me more" is more risky 
and has about 50% success chance (depends on how good the deal already is). 

Tip: No matter how you trade or how good the deal is, always check that you 
don't trade away your most important cards which you use in your decks. 


-=Duel Practice Mode=-
Tip: You can test your decks at any time in Duel Practice mode (located on 
Adventure tab). There you can play vs Cat Merchant (random cards deck) or 
vs Mirror (basically against one of your decks controlled by AI). 
You won't get any rewards this way. 

Tip: Befriend people you play against until your friend list is full. 
This way you'll complete beginner quests, can view their personal shop at 
any time, can trade gifts, etc.

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