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  Hints and Tips for: Elephantasy: Flipside 
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 Elephantasy: Flipside Cheats

Elephantasy: Flipside

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Final Boss Tips:
Written by sylvie

The final boss was the most difficult and frustrating part of the 
game for me, so I wanted to share some strategies that make it easier.

-=How to beat the boss=-
The final boss in this game is extremely hard, and I found it really 
frustrating. After I beat it once, I wanted to beat it again to get a 
different ending. But it took me two hours of slamming my head against 
it just to beat it a second time. Since then, I've figured out some 
strategies that make it a lot more manageable, so I wanted to share them.

There's a demonstration video at the end of the guide if you want to 
just skip ahead and watch that.

To summarize how the boss works, it starts out in an "attack phase" 
where it floats around randomly and randomly uses one of two attacks: 
shooting lightning orbs, or slamming the floor (destroying some of the 
tiles). After a set amount of time, it switches to a "laser phase". In 
this phase, the boss starts charging a giant laser attack, and a ghost 
flies down from the ceiling. You must touch the ghost, and they will 
defend you from the laser. The laser will not kill you if you're 
protected by a ghost, but it will knock away one of your items (they 
get removed in a set order). If you don't touch the ghost in time, the 
ghost vanishes, the laser kills you, and you get the bad ending. Once 
you survive the laser, it goes back to an attack phase.

If you don't have all seven ghosts, then after all your ghosts are gone, 
the next laser attack will just kill you and you get the same bad ending 
as if you died normally. I don't think there's any point to fighting the 
final boss without all seven ghosts. If you do have all seven ghosts, 
then the final laser will leave you alive, and there's a final phase. In 
this phase, you gain the ability to equip the needle from your inventory 
screen, and you have to hit the boss's weak point with the needle.

Anyways, on to the strategies. The short version is:
* Use red and blue herbs until you aren't allowed to anymore.
* Stacking the jars and jumping off them wasn't effective in my experience. 
  Instead, try jumping and throwing/dropping the jar in midair to get a 
  midair boost.
* If you're having trouble using the jars, try jumping on the boss's head 
  when it lowers to the ground at the start of a laser phase, and jump 
  towards the ghost when the boss's head raises up.
* Do the fight while small if doing the head-jumping strategy. It gives 
  you more hang-time to correctly align yourself with the boss's head, 
  which is important if there's a hole in the ground during the laser phase.
* In the final needle phase, jump before shooting the needle.

You can use herbs up until after the third laser. Red herbs make it so 
the boss can't damage you during its attack phase, although you can still 
fall off the arena in areas where the floor is destroyed. Blue herbs let 
you jump higher, making it much easier to catch the ghosts. However, your 
herb bag gets knocked away after the third laser.

The lightning orb attack is aimed at you, so to dodge it, either keep 
moving (so that all three orbs miss) or take a slight step after the orbs 
are fired (so that you dodge between the center orb and one of the side 

The slam attack can either be aimed at you, or appear at one of a few 
preset positions. You can tell which one by looking at the boss's shadow, 
but sometimes it's hard to see the shadow quickly enough. You might walk 
right into non-aimed slam because you were expecting an aimed one. 
Unfortunately, I don't think there's a trick to this or a way to predict 
the type of slam - it just comes down to reflexes.

I think the attack phases are usually not that hard, but there are some 
nasty things that can happen because of how random the fight is. You can 
get unlucky and have to dodge incessant orb spam after huge sections of 
the floor have been destroyed.

The laser phases are the main reason I found the fight hard, because you 
only get a short amount of time to reach the ghost and failing means you 
lose the whole fight. When the boss switches to the laser phase, missing 
floor tiles get restored, and if the boss was attacking, the attack is 
interrupted, and the boss lowers itself to the ground. However, if the 
interrupted attack was a slam, then when the boss lowers itself, it will 
usually also destroy part of the floor, preventing it from restoring. This 
means you have to do the laser phase with a hole in the ground, which makes 
it significantly more dangerous. Unfortunately, these "hole laser phases" 
are pretty common so you'll have to either learn how to deal with them or 
get very lucky.

Jars appear when the laser phase starts. I think you're supposed to use 
them to gain height to reach the ghosts, but I never found a way to do 
this that I could pull off consistently. It seems like stacking them 
doesn't always give you the required height to reach the ghost. I think 
stacking the jars and using the wand would work, but you lose the wand 
after the fifth laser. After writing the first version of this guide 
though, I was watching a friend play, and they seemed to have success 
with jumping and throwing/dropping the jars (which gives you a small 
midair boost). Perhaps that's the intended method, so you can see if it 
works well for you.

My preferred strategy for the laser phases was jumping on the boss's 
head. You can actually do this without taking damage, even if not using 
a red herb. When the laser phase starts, the boss lowers itself to the 
ground to allow you to jump on its head. Then, the boss raises back up. 
At this point, try to jump into the ghost. If you miss, the boss will 
lower and raise one more time. Shortly after the second lower-and-raise, 
the ghost will disappear, so if you miss twice you probably lose. Also, 
if you're unlucky, a lightning orb will be on the boss's head when the 
laser phase starts, so you can't jump on the boss's head until it fades 
away. This means you probably only get one attempt to catch the ghost. 
Maybe it's a good idea to unsmall and use jars as a backup in this case 
(though you lose the magnifying glass after the sixth laser, so you can't
 change size for the seventh laser).

The "hole laser phases" are rough because the boss's shadow is now 
aligned with the bottom of the hole, instead of the floor. This makes 
it very easy to misjudge the boss's position and miss your jump. For this 
reason, I suggest doing the entire fight as the small elephant. Even when 
you lose the magnifying glass, you actually remain small. With the 
floatiness of the small elephant, you can jump towards the boss and make 
slight adjustments to your position until you see your shadow align with 
the boss's head. When doing these jumps, I found it easiest to jump on 
the boss from behind (you can go through its body). The floatiness also 
gives you more hang-time to catch the ghosts.

Note that for the eighth laser, there's no ghost, so you don't need to 
worry about landing on the boss's head. Just wait around until you get 

Finally, the needle phase. You get a fair bit of time for this, and I've 
personally never failed it before. I think the main trick is that you 
need to actually jump from the peak of the rising platform, then shoot 
the needle. If you just stand on the rising platform, I don't think it 
gives you enough height.

You can also quick-kill the boss by equipping the needle during its 
dialogue and standing on its head. As soon as the dialogue ends (it's 
invulnerable before that), jump and throw the needle. Pretty funny if 
you can pull it off.

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