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  Hints and Tips for: Elisabeth 1 
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 Elisabeth 1 Cheats

Elisabeth 1

Cheat Codes:

Game Tips Elisabeth I
Made by Andre Geller and translated from german by me 
(Frenchie), so improvements are welcome!

- Good trading by taking this route:
Goods: Routes:
Cloth London -> Barcelona
Beer Barcelona -> Algier
Silk or brandy Algier -> Edinburgh
Empty Edinburgh -> London

- Buy a bigger ship from your earnings
- Invest in Merchant Adventurer's Guild
- Start a factory near good materials:

Factory: City:
Brandy Le Havre
Weaver London, Edinburgh or Antwerpen

- 15 Quests:

1. Introduction

Visit tavern (except Barcelona & London) to meet messenger 
of the english crown, who wants to go to Barcelona to invite 
the spanish king to Elisabeth's crowning. You'll have to wait 
10 days in Barcelona and back in London you're invited to 
meet her.

2. Transport

Afterwards someone will offer you to deliver goods to Le 
Havre and Barcelona. In a tavern speak to Renata de la 
Campolonga and return to your boat. Go for 300 pounds to 
Bayonne where a spanish man will pay 500 pounds to take 
him and the load to Barcelona. Then he wants you to take 
him and some friends to Scotland. Sell all goods to make 
enough room and pretend to take him there. But in reality 
you will deliver your 'prisoners' to justice in London. 

3. Spionage in Schottland

Stop in London at 15.12.1560 to meet Sir Cecil and take 
him to Edinburgh. In the tavern ask about McFarley. 
In the evening meet Bianca Le Normand and return to your 
boat. In the town hall meet a writer who suspects the 
docks of O'Shaugenessy. In the dungeons (save game) bail 
out the prisoner. Go back to Bianca Le Normand and return 
to London. Bring Sir Cecil to Edingburgh, visit the 
tavern twice and return to London and Bayonne.

4. Elisabeth has the pocks

Go in 1563 to a tavern (except London, Algier, Bayonne) 
and listen to the owner. Don't let the clamp merchant 
poison the queen. Go to Bayonne and meet Monsieur 
Coupe-les-Oz who knows a doctor in Lissabon. Listen to 
the tavern owner over there, visit the doctor and take 
him to Elisabeth.

5. The switch

In 1566 meet the queen and go to the bank in Barcelona. 
Go in on offer, but visit the queen first, who swaps it 
for false money and continue to La Coruna to meet the 

6. Captain Hawkins

In 01.09.1568 till the end of the year you'll meet capt. 
Hawkins after leaving the harbour of Cadiz, Lissabon, 
La Coruna and Bayonne. He swims in the water after meeting 
spanish pirates. Take news to London and return. Go to 
Barcelona and defeat the pirates on your way to London.

7. Mercator's Plate

In 1569 meet the merchant in Lissabon and Sir Cecil in 
Villa Arborgrey. Go to Barcelona, rebuilt your ship in 
La Rochelle and meet Francois in the tavern twice in 10 
days. Go to Algiers and the tavern in Barcelona to meet 
Mauro. Don't let your adjudant mislead you and go to London.

8. The conspiracy

In begin of 1570 meet in the (english, french or dutch) 
harbour the queen's ship. Go to the tavern in Cardiz, 
bail out the spy in the dungeons of La Coruna for 3000 
pound and return. Wait a day, equip your ship, visit 
the tavern and fight Bailey's ship. Take the prisoner 
to London, but take on his offer and bring him to Algiers. 
Hijack the ship and return to London. 

9. Liberation of Briel

In february 1572 (except London) Sir William asks you to 
go to London. Escort his men to Dover, meet Captain de 
la Marck and accept his offer. Go to France, the 
Netherlands and Antwerpen, but a storm takes you to 
Briel. Defeat the spanish ship and return to London. 
Go to Portsmouth, gather your fleet and meet capt. 
de la Marck in town hall. In Calais meet the spanish 
fleet and attack the back one by one. Two transporters 
flee, which can not be captured. Speak with the dikemaster, 
open the 'dike' door and the spanish must flee. 

10. The attack on La Rochelle

In the years 1572 and 1573 visit a harbour in London, 
Antwerpen or Hamburg and you''ll be asked to meet a royal 
informant in the tavern of Le Havre. Lord Walsingham 
wants you to deliver gunpowder from London to La Rochelle. 
The merchant is behind the Privy Council. You''ll have to 
fight two Spanish ships on your way. Return to London.

11. Frobisher's Expedition

In 1576 you must find the explorer Sir Martin Frobisher. 
In Edinburgh the dock master points you to a mapmaker, 
who has given Sir Martin a uncorrect map. In the dungeon 
bail out the quilty servant. Take the mapmaker along and 
through the false northwest passage you'll find sir 
Martin in an iglo. You must force him to come with you 
to London.

12. The invasion at Smerwick

In 1579 must go to La Coruna where a bar owner sets up a 
meeting with Jorge, who tells you the fleet already left. 
At Smerwick the enemy fleet is twice as large. Send a few 
men to the enemy shore and report to London. Return with 
the Admiral's fleet and the invaders have taken a castle. 
Suggest the Salami tactic and join the attack.

13. The return of the golden hind

In juny or july 1580 meet Francis Drake after leaving 
the harbour Cadiz, Lissabon, La Coruna or Bayonne. 
Tow his ship the Pelican to La Coruna. Empty your ship 
and take on Drake's second order to bring raw materials 
to the diamant maker in Antwerpen and 6 days later take 
the finished products to Le Havre. return to London with 

14. The Throckmorton conspiracy

In january-july 1583 London Lord Walsingham wants you 
to find the frenchman Henry Fagot. Bail out Louis 
Pellation in a dungeon of Bayonne and take him to La 
Coruna. Take Fagot to Bayonne and to London.

15. The Bawington complot

Only possible if you have a very possitive image with 
Spain. After a visit to the lord mayor go to Le Havre 
to meet Sir Morgan. Take his cassette to Mr. Bawington 
in Bayonne, but open it on your way there to find 10.000 
gold and a letter to Maria Stuart. Take Mr. Bawington and 
the gold to London and the war with Spain begins.

- Bug report

Version 1.00 can't be solved: quest 8 misses a person. 
It isn't stable under Win95 and in total Dos mode with 
a lot of Smartdrive the loading doesn't take too long. 
After more than 4 pages of save games the game crashes. 
Press Alt + X to return to the loading screen after a mistake.

- Piracy

In the early stages of the game buy a Fregat and sink a 
lot of Spanish ships to get in favour of the queen, who 
hands you aan official letter in 1575. After 100.000 
pound on your account trading with multiple ships is better. 

- Cheating

When hired by the Privy Council, take all ships to the 
docks and fire all sailors. Go to the Privy Council and 
a messenger gives you 20.000 pound thinking all your ships 
have been sunk.

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