Empires - Dawn of the Modern World Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Empires - Dawn of the Modern World 
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 Empires - Dawn of the Modern World Cheats

Empires - Dawn of the Modern World

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

While playing, press [Enter] and then type any of the following 
codes in the CHAT box. Press [Enter] again to activate. 

Code                  Result 
noob                - Reveal Map, Instant Build, All Resources 
red bones           - Full Health for All Resources 
pit stop            - Refuel All Aircraft 
homeland security   - Reveal Map 
weak like ukraine   - Instant Defeat 
shock and awe       - Instant Win 
kung fu             - Instant Build 
fastbuild           - Fast building
republicans         - Add 1000 Gold 
call boggy          - Add 1000 Food 
get stoned          - Add 1000 Stone 
beaver              - Add 1000 Wood 
daddy's credit card - 100,000 of All Resources 
qa salary           - Remove All Gold 
no soup for you     - Remove All Food 
cold shower         - Remove All Wood 
busted              - Remove All Stone 
communism           - Remove All Resources 
blue folder         - Remove All Resources from Map
the ring of power   - Physical power is replenished when all is depleted

Admiral Yi campaign: The guard, the captive, and the monk:
On the second level of Admiral Yi's campaign you will get a Japanese captive
and a guard that wants to kill him. Then you will get a monk. The guard kills
the captive. The captive kills the monk. The monk kills neither. The objective
here is to cross the river with a boat that needs a driver and can fit one 
passenger. Always have Yi in the boat then send over the captive first. Come
back for the monk and take him over. While you are there send back the captive.
Take the guard while you are there and come back for the captive.

Faster Paratroopers:
When you build your Lincoln Monument, build a University, (if you don't have
one yet), and select the 'Faster Power Regeneration' thing. Your monument will
generate power to call Paratroopers faster!

SAS Glitch:
In the General Patton Campaign, in D-Day, when you're able to get SAS Operatives
and Amphibious Tanks, if you type in the cheat 'noob' you can repeatdly click on
the SAS Operative and get more and more - it will still let you go even if you've
reached your populaption cap. NOTE: It doesn't seem to work with the amphibious 

Upgrade Hint:
When you have an armory build and a university you can double click the upgrade
you want and get it 2 times .This cheat works on any level and as long as you 
have an upgrading building.

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