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  Hints and Tips for: Europa Universalis 
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 Europa Universalis Cheats

Europa Universalis

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

Cheat mode:
Press [F12] during game to bring up the console window
and type in the following codes: 

Code            Result 
richelieu     - Control All Military Units 
pappenheim    - Toggle Fog of War 
columbus      - Explores All Provinces 
gustavus      - Increases Land Technology Level 
drake         - Increases Naval Technology Level 
cromwell      - Increases Infrastructure Level 
polo          - Increases Trade Level 
oranje        - Set Stability to +3 
cortez        - Eliminates Natives 
alba          - Eliminate Revolts 
tilly         - AI Will Not Declare War 
montezuma     - +50000 Ducats to Treasury 
pocahontas    - +10 Colonists 
dagama        - +10 Merchants 
swift         - Add 10000 Population to Capital Province 
peterthegreat - Troop Limits 
russianhordes - More Cannonfodders 
difrules      - God Mode 
vatican       - +10 Diplomats 
shogun        - Closing Japan 
event[#]      - Trigger Event [#] (See List) 
luther        - Triggers Effects of Reformation 
calvin        - Triggers Effects of John Calvin 
trent         - Triggers Effects of Council of Trent 
Event List:
(Use with EVENT cheat)

Event  1 = Creates Revolt in random province
Event  2 = Creates Revolt in random colony
Event  3 = Rel rev
Event  7 = Religion
Event  8 = Heretics
Event  9 = Death
Event 10 = Excellent
Event 11 = Insanity
Event 12 = Scandal
Event 13 = Gift
Event 14 = Gold lost
Event 15 = Obscuritism
Event 16 = Except year
Event 17 = Colonist
Event 18 = Demand
Event 20 = Bank
Event 21 = Stock exchange
Event 22 = Company of trae
Event 23 = Port closure
Event 24 = Diplomacy
Event 25 = pressure
Event 26 = Col Dyn
Event 27 = Inventions
Event 28 = Merchants
Event 29 = Stolen sea charts
Event 30 = Plague
Event 31 = Naval disaster
Event 32 = Dessertion
Event 33 = Land tech
Event 34 = naval tech
Event 35 = Enthu army
Event 36 = Enthu navy
Event 37 = Annex
Event 38 = Agriculture
Event 39 = Fire
Event 40 = Good Gov
Event 41 = Poor Gov
Event 42 = Unhappy Clergy
Event 43 = Unhappy Artis
Event 44 = Unhappy Peasants
Event 45 = Unhappy Merchant
Event 46 = Minerral
Event 47 = Crisis
Event 48 = Corruption
Event 49 = Defaltion
Event 50 = Dip insult
Event 51 = Favored trade nation
Event 52 = Indust development
Event 53 = New centre of trade
Event 54 = Frade restrictions
Event 55 = Fortification
Event 56 = Explorer
Event 57 = Conquistador
Event 58 = Explorer with ship
Event 59 = Conquistador and 1000 troops in random city

Cavalry-These Units are excellent to attack other units such as infantry
and artillery as they have significant advantage. Don't use them to siege
as they won't interfere in the attack and will loose lots of men without 
any compensation.This unit is a bit expensive. Infantry-Excellent for 
siege and its cost makes it an affordable solution to cavalry. Artillery-
Excellent for siege and wearing off forts(specially great ones) without 
loosing significant units.This unit is very expensive.

Your colonies aren't worth much before you have a sized colony level 7 or 
in other words a full colonized colony. Then you can start building a small
army and having significant profits, you can have a tax collector only after
level 7 and you can develop a center of Trade. Some colonies will give you a
good share of your income, so you have to protect them from enemy attacks, 
build forts to prevent unwanted takeovers, before it's too late.

Economy and trade:
Develop your economy first, colonize, expand your territory over- seas, open
new trade centers and send your merchants... Don't use autosend merchants as
AI isn't so good at this point. Build manufactories as soon as you reach the
level tech required. Your investment(investment panel) should at the beginning
be allocated on trade so you can have money for the rest. 

Naval Contributed:
Ships are crucial for countries with lots of over seas colonies so they can 
give maritime supremacy.Use them wisely as they are expensive, specially at 
the beginning. If your Country depends on your navy to strife, then invest 
on "naval investment" in the investment control panel. Countries like Portugal,
Spain and England or Netherlands and France are dependent on a strong navy, so 
if you are playing these countries you should think on giving some priority 
to your navy.

Switch sides:
Return to the main menu while in single player mode. Select multi-player mode,
enter any name, then return to the main menu. Select single player mode again,
and choose the previous game. Click on the shields at the top of the screen to
change nations.

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