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  Hints and Tips for: Everspace 2 
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 Everspace 2 Cheats

Everspace 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Complete Lost Cargo Jobs:
Written by NightDawnFox

Probably many pilots had a problem with performing Lost cargo 
side tasks from G&B, which are offered in a location called 
Nephtys Plains. 

So, you took the task to search for cargo, flew to the desired 
location, but in the places where the marker points, there are 
only debris or a large asteroid. Are you wondering where is the 
container you need? You search for containers for a long time 
and find nothing. But you don’t have to look for containers. 
You need to look for yellow flashing lights.

So, these lights are the containers we need. Fly up to them 
and take it. Then deliver them to the station. That’s all.

By the way, each container occupies one inventory cell, so 
make sure that you have from 2 to 6 cells free.

A small addition: sometimes there are missions where you can find 
several task markers. So, this markers dissappear after you 
collect all containers nearby that marker.

Useful Tips:
* Supralight time-skip exists!
* Buy a cargo pod and dismantle all the things! (Once you realise 
  that’s how the game works, cargo space is no longer a big deal).
* What the little yellow icons in the top left mean (headlights/
  inertial dampeners disabled, you’re welcome).
* Look for environmental clues in location challenges (wires that 
  lead to generator, glowy bits, smokey bits, etc.)
* If you find debris that is highlighted orange, grab it and move 
  it – there’s often something useful hiding behind it.
* Inertial dampeners are a thing! Look in the input controls to set 
  it up. (This is huge by the way: set it so you can toggle it quickly 
  – literally game changing).
* Auto-aim is a thing and you can double it if you’re having trouble 
  with the controls, look in the input settings.
* If you’re having trouble with a rigged asteroids or other tricky 
  things – try lowering the difficulty.
* A down-facing caret at the bottom of the map location icon means 
  it’s below your level and will be easy.
* An up-facing caret at the top of the map location icon means it’s 
  above your level and will be more challenging.
* A purple map icon means it’s so far above your level – you might 
  have a bad time.
* A purple enemy icon means it’s far above your level – watch out.
* A grey tick on the map icon means there’s a location challenge 
  there to do.
* A green tick on the map icon means you’ve completed that location 
* Hold shift to see what a modification will do (increase level, rarity, 
  catalyst etc.)
* You can dismantle (or equip) right from the loot window, no need to 
  transfer to your cargo.
* Use your mainframe expansions, combine them when you have three and 
  then use the plus/minus buttons on the ship[ screen (top right).
* Upgrade your devices with upgrade tokens, you can reset them for fairly 
* Support devices are useful – teleport is another game changer, especially 
  with upgrades.
* You can multi-select items in your cargo by holding down control.
* Hold space bar to use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down on items.
* A green border around a commodity in your cargo hold means it sells  
  well in this system.
* A green border around a commodity within a vendor’s stock means it’s 
  cheap to buy in this system.
* A red down arrow on an equipped item means it a couple levels below your 
  ship level and you should consider replacing it.
* Hold shift to compare items to equipped items.
* Press ALT to change which primary/secondary weapon to compare.
* Flak Weapons clear minefields asap and also let you mine ressource-nodes
  with a singel shot
* Outlaw/Enemy bases (recognizable by having hostile turrets) always have 
  destroyable objects (unmarked) which can net you plasma, scrap and rarer 
* I would recommend doing the renown challenges/jobs only later on, rewards 
  scale to your level
* When in space, hold Alt for free camera. Useful for looking around without 
  disorienting yourself.
* You can also use photomode to look around without moving your ship.
* When hunting for secrets, have a Observer type sensor equipped. The devs 
  have often placed a single scrap metal near areas with secrets.
* You can blow vents with mines. Any mine. Even Webber.
* There are companion perks to let you pull loot from further, pull faster, 
  pull all at same time (hold the loot key instead of press).
* You can destroy containers: it’s faster and can be done for farther than 
  looting. Does not work with shipwrecks and bulletproof containers.
* One shot rocket also works to mine a complete mineral field, most of the 
* Flak also opens up those destructible rock walls. I thought it needed 
  secondaries to open but I guess the Flak is enough!

How to Make Fast Credits:
Written by Scooby Doo

-=Making Money=-
1.Explore Ceto system and grind out for your first few credits with the goal 
  of buying a t h i c c boy such as any heavy class ship to maximize cargo 
  load (Gunship variants have the max cargo holds btw).
2.Discover Union system and locate shops around the map, Prescott base is 
  pretty poggers due to having multiple shops to buy fat amounts of cargo.
3.Once you have discovered enough shops in Union, empty out your cargo hold 
  and hit up every single shop in Union buying as much Earth wine, small 
  arms, and liquor but prioritize earth wine as you will get the best profit 
  margin (if you run out of cargo space just ship it back to home base with 
  the HIVE upgrade if you even have it).
4.Jump back to Ceto system, go to the Deep Fields and hit up Siren’s Call 
  and sell all the loot you have gathered to lady Dutchess <3 (rip her bozo hubby).

Depending on your cargo hold and whats within it, you can make around 60k to 
100k credits in a single trip (~10 min trip or so).

Tips to Defeat Station Turrets with Shields:
You have to try and grab (‘F’) one of their bombs and use it against them.

This can be hard during combat with other enemies of course, so a lot of the 
time I just overload them with a flak and a rocket salvo. EMP and Annihilator 
Virus can help too, but take time of course.

You need turning off the shield temporarily. Otherwise would have to shoot 
some kind element nearby that functions as “shield generator”.

Also you can defeat shielded turrets with scorpion missiles. They teleport 
behind the shield and kill the turret. Devices like the Virus will work too.

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