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  Hints and Tips for: Faery Tale Adventure 
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 Faery Tale Adventure Cheats

Faery Tale Adventure

Cheat Codes:
Take a save game file and use a PD program such as NewZap to patch
byte 18 to a non-zero value. Load your save game, and now these 
cheat options are enabled:

Arrow Keys - Move Rapidly over any terrain
B          - Summon Gold Swan
R          - Rescue Princess
=          - Display coordinates
F10        - Location in coordinates
F9         - Increase time by 1 hour

Sometimes you can accumulate all the treasure you want by going near
the item, pressing space bar, and then continue hitting 'T'. You'll 
receive an infinite supply of that treasure.

Unlimited items:
At times, you may approach an item and press [Space], before 
continuously tapping T to obtain an unlimited number of that item. 

Unlimited bravery points:
Jump on the turtle and keep attacking it. 

Increased luck:
Locate the Sorceress on the island with the Crystal Castle. Use the 
"Ask" command several times to increase your luck to 65.

Unlimited keys:
Save the game after entering a dungeon or cave. Move through your location
until running out of keys. Restore the game to resume with the doors 
remaining open and a new set of keys.

Witch's castle:
The witch's castle is accessable through the maze of Grimwood forest. You
must enter the maze from the west and make your way north-east. A cave must
also be found. This should take you to the Sunstone. The Sunstone should be
used to kill the witch but this might not work. You should be able to kill 
the witch with any missile weapon as long as you avoid the witch's gaze. 
After you kill her, you must get the golden lasso in order to ride the 
Golden Swan. 

Golden statues:
In the City of Azal, you will need the five golden statues.
These statues are located in: The Crystal Palace on the Isle of Sorcery,
The Battlefield in Grimwood Forest, The Castle south-east of Marheim, 
The Watch Tower, and Hemsath's Tomb. 

The keys to use for different buildings are: 
White - For old castles and manors
Grey  - For the watch tower and buildings in the city of Marheim
Red   - For secret entrances
Blue  - For the sorceresses keep on the Isle of Sorcery
Green - For normal buildings
Gold  - For the maze in Hemsaths tomb and for the inner chambers of King
        Marheim's palace

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