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  Hints and Tips for: Far Cry New Dawn 
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 Far Cry New Dawn Cheats

Far Cry New Dawn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where to Find Sam Fisher Outfit:
Written by PowerPyx

Government Plane Wreck is the fifth expedition. The starting location 
is randomized. Look for a rusted plane wreck (has a brown color tone). 
It's the body of the plane and still has two wings on it. There's also 
a blue ladder leading up inside the wreck. 

Enter the plane wreck. Interact with the Laptop on the ground level, 
it's next to the only enemy on the ground level. This opens a secret 
vault upstairs. Go to the upper level of the plane wreck where 1-2 
enemies are standing and interact with the vault door at the end of 
the room. The secret Sam Fisher Outfit is behind that door.

How to Solve the Riddle Me Fish Stash Puzzle:
Written by vrt

You can find the order in which to activate the fish in the nearby 
house by turning on the generator and noting which order the fish 
move in. 

The correct order is: Green, Red, Pink, Brown, Blue, Yellow

Easy Ethanol Farming (Mid-Game):
By EternalBliss   /   Feb 19, 2019     Guides

Want fast ethanol? Ofcourse you do, who wouldn't? 

All you need is a level 2/3 sniper, with a silencer, and full armor-
piercing rounds (these are relatively cheap compared to what you'll be 
getting per outpost take-over).

Go to the Sacred Lumber Outpost, take it over, and scavenge it for 
ethanol, also upping its difficulty tier.

Then, take it over again, this time there will be more level 2 enemies. 

Snipe them out with regular bullets (go up top to the only empty house 
where you'll have a complete overview of the outpost (it's the only one 
up on the hill that has a zipline from it going down)).

If you do it undetected, which is what we want, you will net an extra 
50/100/150 per difficulty tier.

From what i've been doing, it's the easiest to first take out both snipers 
on their little towers, then take out the 2 guys by the water, then clear 
out the higher-up enemies, then finish off the lower ground enemies (when 
they are not within field-of-view of oneanother).

Scavenge it and make it level 3. This is where you'll need your armor 
piercing rounds because now, there will be only level 3's and 2 elite 
enemies (all with helmets). 

Equip your armor piercing rounds and just go berserk on the headshots, 
they will die in 1 shot because crits. on level 3 outpost, you will get 
(if undetected) around 450 ethanol and it takes (atleast for me) about 2-3 
minutes per full clear with a level 3 sniper using AP rounds.

Earn skill points easily by farming kills!
Written by Ziegenpeter

Do you want a fast and easy method to gain skill points by completing kill 
and weapon challenges? I’m going to cover it in this guide!

In order to do this properly, you will need:

1. to keep track of what challenges you still have to complete
(This guide is applicable to both “kill” and “weapon” type challenges)

2. Fast travel to locations
(Unlocked by upgrading the Helipad at prosperity to level 2)

3. Keyboard and Mouse

Ok, let’s do this!
1. Fast travel to the “Bonecrusher Pit” after you’ve completed Irwin’s 
mission related to it (pic related)

The following enemy types will spawn there:
– 1x assaulter (level 2)
– 7x Melee fighter (level 2)
The assaulter leans on the edge on top of the arena, the melee fighters 
are in the pit, making it easy to kill them, especially with explosive 
weapons or saw launchers.

2. When the melee fighters notice you, they will flee from the pit and 
take the exit through the sewer system pictured here, it can be found near 
the bridge at the river. If you tag the enemies in the pit, you can use 
them as a guide. You will always be there faster than them since they have 
to use ladders and staircases, so don’t worry about losing them.

3. As soon as you have killed all of them, you just open the map and fast 
travel there again, the enemies will have reset.

4. Repeat for as often as you like

Worthy of note
– A level 3 bear tends to spawn near the arena every time you reset, so 
keep that in mind if your gear isn’t good enough to take on the bear.

– As you can see in the very first picture of this guide, a workbench can 
be found on the bridge. Comes in handy if you have to switch your weapon 
or in case you need to refill your ammo.

– Companions sometimes have a hard time attacking enemies in the pit, it 
could have something to do with the metal bars covering the pit. The hitbox 
of the metal bars appears to be bugged. It can sometimes block bullets even 
if you shoot through the gaps, so keep that in mind.

– The best way to fight the enemies is to take out the assaulter on the 
ledge first and then shooting into the pit from the ledge. Ideally, they 
will try to rush towards the ledge instead of fleeing, making for some easy 

– If you want to farm kills with your companions, it is best advised to 
lead them through the sewer system using the “follow me” command. This is 
the most foolproof method to overcome the “glitch” mentioned above.

How To Get Crafting Ingredients:
Written by Jason.

So I read through some of the negative reviews and am surprised by how many 
people are having trouble finding crafting materials, hence I decided to make 
this guide.

There are 2 ways to get med kits, either you find them, or you craft them. 
Personally, I barely used any medkits in this game but seems like some people
are running out of medkits quite frequently.

Finding medkits: After you upgrade the infirmary, medkits will spawn on 
the table pretty frequently, so unlock it and make sure to drop by once in a 
while to grab them.

Crafting medkits: Go and upgrade the healing garden (shouldn’t be too expensive), 
once you’ve done that, the residents of prosperity will plant herbs in the garden, 
as with the medkits, they spawn pretty frequently. There will be 3 of each herb, 
and every level will plant one type of herb.

-=Crafting Materials for Weapons and Vehicles=-
Simply level up the expeditions and do them. Some of them are quite fun to do 
and net you a decent amount of crafting materials to craft whatever you want.

-=Copper for Ammo=-
Loot every enemy you kill. Particularly high level enemies in level 3 outposts, 
they drop more than enough copper (roughly 60-100 from experience) to compensate 
for the ammo you’ve spent killing them and then some more. Currently I have around
22 thousand copper sitting in my inventory.

-=Recommended Upgrade Route=-
* Level 1 Infirmary
* Level 1 Expedition
* Weapons Workbench all the way to Level 3
* Start farming outposts for ethanol to upgrade everything else
* Profit!
* And that’s it! Enjoy grinding.

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