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  Hints and Tips for: Fifa 22 
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 Fifa 22 Cheats

Fifa 22

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:
Written by LostWorld

-=Game Modes=-
Squad Battles 
- Playing against the computer, with weekly rewards.

Division Rivals
- Playing against humans, with weekly and seasonal rewards.

Champions/Weekend League
- Put yourself to the test playing competitive games against human opponents, 
20 matches, the more wins the better the reward.

FUT Friendlies 
- Playing against humans with restricted team selections, usually used 
to complete objectives

- You can play against the computer or humans and will draft random players 
to assemble your side, the more wins the better the reward.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)
- Trade-in players from your club to complete specific tasks and gain instant 

-=Squad Selection=-
* One of the key differences between Ultimate Team and other game modes is 
getting links between players in your side, making sure they have good chemistry.

* Players who are from the same team, league, or nation will link well with 
one another, and get in-game boosts.

* Individual chemistry ranges from 0 to 10, if nearer 0 players will get decreased 
stats, nearer 10 then it will be increased stats.

* Link Up Play – Find the best chemistry connections for your players

* Player positioning also affects this, and if you are playing someone out of 
position they may not be able to reach maximum chemistry.

* If that is the case, you can change their base position (within limits) with 
consumables available in packs and on the transfer market.

* Goalkeepers and center-backs can’t have their position changed, 
but all others can.

As a brief guide, here is how you can change player positions:

* CDM < CM < CAM < CF < ST

Season Process
- As you gain XP from other objectives, you will rise through the levels up to 30. 
You will gain pack rewards and vanity items on the way and at levels 15 and 30 a 
player pick choice (refreshes around every six weeks).

- The go-to for everyday play, new objectives come on a daily and weekly basis, 
with Silver Stars and tasks for promo players the events to look out for 
(objectives refresh at the end of the season if not otherwise stated).

- Longer-term objectives that you will complete the more you play the game, also 
offers player rewards (doesn’t refresh with new season).

Team Events
- Coming at irregular intervals, you have options to pick from which will then 
give you more objectives to complete relating to the team/player you have chosen.

Complete objectives to get free players, it’s always worth it even if you just 
end up using them to complete other SBCs which might end up getting you players 
that you can use.

-=Fut Players And Items=-
All players, managers, staff, club items and consumables are available as card 
items in FUT. These card items can be gained as rewards by playing FUT games, can 
be received by opening FUT packs and can be bought and traded in the FUT online 
market which is called the Transfer Market.

To buy packs you need to spend FIFA coins or Points. To buy players or any other 
cards from the Transfer Market, you need to spend Coins.

Coins can be gained as rewards for playing FUT matches and challenges. You can 
also earn coins by selling your cards to the other users in the Market. 
Points can be only bought from the Store.

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