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  Hints and Tips for: Galaga 
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 Galaga Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Enemy stops shooting:  
1. Start playing Galaga,the Coin operated 
arcade game 

2. Survive level 1 

3. On level 2 DO NOT KILL the 2 far left bees, they 
are stacked on the far left 

4. kill all other critters 

5. dodge the 2 bees until they dive 5 times without 
shooting...(this may take a few minutes) 

6. for the rest of the game, they enemy will not shoot

Invoke the System Check:
When a game session is not active and the game is just running through 
the demo, at the exact moment that a Galaga releases its tractor beam 
to try and take up your ship, try to move the ship out of the way. If 
done correctly, you'll be able to control the ship for a short while -
without even inserting a coin - until, eventually, the system check 
screen appears.

Double Ships:
Wait until one of the top ships(the green ones that take two shots to 
kill) comes down and fires off a tractor beam(the beam that can capture 
your ship). Let it capture your ship. Now, wait until it swoops down 
again with your ship behind it. Simply kill the head ship(the green one), 
and it will lose your ship. Your ship will then lock on to the side of 
your current ship, giving you two ships to play with at the same time! 
Now, be careful. Not only will both ships be firing at you after your 
ship gets captured, but if you accidently shoot your captured ship, you'll 
destroy it. Also note, this will cost you one life, but will definately 
make the Challenging Stages, and perhaps the game itself, a little easier 
to play.

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