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  Hints and Tips for: Gal*Gun: Double Peace 
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 Gal*Gun: Double Peace Cheats

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All True Ending Choices:
Written by Noire's Secretary

-=True Ending: Shinobu=-
* Teach her body directly
* Try to be more captivating
* *strokes*
* Iíd swipe the panties if they were yours
* I love you
* Youíre beautiful like a Goddess
* Go right in! 
* Iíll not pass off Shinobu to you! 
* I was worried about you
* Show me your smile
* I canít do that! 
* Maya-chan isnít weak! 

-=True Ending: Maya=-
* I was just looking at you
* Iím good at using the olí noodle
* Your cute face is a messÖ 
* *hug her tightly*
* Show me where youíre injured
* Talk about what goes with rice
* *stroke her*
* Iíll do whatever I can! 
* *keep quiet*
* Here, letís rehydrate! 
* Thanks for telling me
* Maya-chan is the stupid one! 

-=True Ending: Both (Shinobu and Maya)=-
* You two look great in your uniforms 
* The seal has been broken 
* You donít have to do it if itís bad 
* You got some nice air on that jump 
* You must be good at sports 
* How does this work? 
* *Swimsuit thing I got Excellent instead of perfect on is 
  the save before 6-1 
* That swimsuit looks good on you. 
* You must be really motivated now 
* Iíll back you guys up! 
* Let them go! 
* Did you see how brave I was? 
* I want the three of us to be happy 

-=True Ending: Ekoro=-
* You activated my trap card! 
* Shout real loud! Scream ďdumbass!Ē 
* Gotta stop them, even by force 
* Youíre not a doll 
* Ekora is right, help Kurona first (route split) 
* Iím a man! I canít help it! 
* I wanna get more physicalÖ 
* *shout in the 2nd controllerís mic!* 
* Should I get you some medicine? 
* Will she really return to normal? 

-=True Ending: Kurona=-
* You activated my trap card! 
* Shout real loud! Scream ďdumbass!Ē 
* Gotta stop them, even by force 
* Youíre not a doll 
* We gotta go help! 
* Itís a battle of wits! 
* Letís carry them to the infirmary! 
* Well done, Kurona-chan! 
* Whatís wrong with a make-up lesson?

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