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  Hints and Tips for: Gamer Girls: Futanari 
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 Gamer Girls: Futanari Cheats

Gamer Girls: Futanari

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Time Efficient Guide to 100%:
Written byor Rottenfruit11

-=What to do=-
Go into settings and click reset save

Play the game normally but only spend money on income until it is maxed.

By the time you are at level 3 you should stop being able to win the encounter 
but most importantly, you will only be able to lose via time out. The achievement 
for 1000 coins actually requires them to be earned in a single match. So by 
raising your other stats you can actually softlock yourself into a situation where 
no encounter will last long enough to make the required money which will require 
a reset. In the event this is the issue you are currently experiencing. 
Just reset the game complete these steps and you should be at 100%.

*Update: If you find yourself not making enough money to get over 1000 remember 
to priortize match 4s as much as possible. Match 3s remove 100% of the tokens 
whereas a 4+ will always leave behind 1 token with a raised value. Try to only 
focus clearing coins in the last 5 turns. Eventually you will get lucky. 
I promise it is possible.

Now from here there are two routes forward. The most reliable would be to keep 
farming coins until you hit 10,000. This should take about 10-20 minutes 
depending on how lucky you are.

Once at 10,000 push all six skills to 5 to unlock all 6 of the upgrade to 5 
achievements. You should already have the upgrade to 10 and 5 for income. 
This will finish the upgrade achievements.

From here just play the game normally upgrading melee/ranged and adrenaline as 
needed until you reach the end. While you can upgrade health and healing they 
wont be needed as adrenaline will out dps every boss easily.

*Update 2: If you somehow manage to not get the bomb achievement from regular 
play or didn’t figure out how to detonate it. You match 5 and then right click 
on it.

Once you finish all 18 levels the achievement for finishing all levels and opening 
all scenes should be complete. The game is now over and you are free. Idle for 
like 2 minutes to get your last steam card before uninstalling.

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