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  Hints and Tips for: Gangs of Space 
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 Gangs of Space Cheats

Gangs of Space

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Crews can be un-equipped after your ship reaches level 10.
* After level 10, the DNA you collect is used to level up your crews and 
  increase your Greed level.
* Level 10+ Higher greed levels will make conquest go faster and give 
  more credits.
* Leaving a system, even temporarily, will reset your Greed level to 0.
* Danger measures how many enemy bullets are around you. Higher danger 
  make you drop more DNA (displayed in yellow) when killing enemies.
* There are 5 subsystem slots (armament, engine, computer, hull and 
  generator). At level 10, you will always have exactly one subsystem 
  in each slot. Choose carefully each and every of them!
* Use the Subsystems Codex to see what can drop in each slot.
* Minimize your inventory and leave it on the screen to switch equipment 
  easily during fights.
* You can use the keys [1]-[2]-[3]-[4]-[5] to equip spare items from your 
  inventory quickly.
* Use [W] to warp back to the safety of the Motherbase if the situation 
  seems too dangerous.
* Ctrl-click on an item to move it quickly between your ship and your 
* Right-click an item to equip or un-equip it quickly.
* Type /? in the chat to see all available commands.
* A Gang can contains up to 10 members.
* Press [Left Alt] to see the tooltip (and difference in stats) of the 
  item next to your ship.
* Ships move faster forward than backward. Use this at your advantage in 
  dangerous fights!
* Be careful of Kamikaze enemies (they have a red painting). They explode 
  in a large explosion when they get too close from you.
* Play with other people. It makes the game easier AND more fun! 
  Don’t worry: you cannot hit them with your projectiles.
* Bosses can drop weapons and shield with special affixes, that give 
  bonuses to a specific ability.
* Use the Subsystems Codex ([O]) to see what subsystems you can unlock 
  for your ships.
* Sector Points (SP) are gained when you conquer a sector. They determine 
  the ranks in the individual ladder of the current Galaxy.
* Being in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Gang in the sector ladder will give Sector 
  Points bonuses, respectively 50%, 25% and 10%. Another good reason to 
  play in a Gang!
* Conquest Points (SP) are gained by conquering whole Tier IV+ systems. 
  They determine the ranks in the Gang ladder of the current Galaxy. 
  You NEED to be part of a Gang to earn them!
* Being in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Gang in the system ladder will give Conquest 
  Point bonuses, respectively 35%, 20% and 10%.
* The max level for items is 13.
* Superior (blue) items have an extra star in some stats.
* Rare (yellow) items have up to 2 extra stars in some stats.
* There is no way to sell items in the game, but you can destroy them to 
  get DNA and level your ship faster, or maintain your Greed level.
* Red or yellow bullets inflict solid damage. Blue bullets inflict electric 
  damage. Explosions inflict… well… explosive damage.
* Some enemies are more vulnerable to specific damage types. 
  You can see their resistances when you move over them.
* Your resistances are capped to 75%.
* Debuffs have reduced efficiency on bosses.
* Death is permanent in this game. Be careful of not getting overwhelmed 
  by many enemies, especially fast ones!
* Structure-to-energy or structure-to-shield transmuters have uses in niche 
  builds, but you should stick to energy-to-shield or energy-to-structure 
  transmuters in the beginning!
* Gangs of Space is developed by only 2 people: 
  Erhune (programming) and Grouroux (game design).
* Linking another player as an Astrolax will give you DNA and drops whenever 
  the linked player kill some enemies.
* If you are not afraid of the challenge, you can level up faster by always 
  tackling enemies 1 or 2 levels higher than your own.

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