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  Hints and Tips for: Gangsta Woman 
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 Gangsta Woman Cheats

Gangsta Woman

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All achievements and locations:
Written by Madame Bébé

This game is super cringe and it took me way too long to find out you only need to
find the life elixir to complete a level. Just walk into the bottle and you will 
automatically complete the level. The life elixir looks like a huge human sized 
wine bottle.
There is no need to kill any enemies or not even the dragons to complete a level.
* Heal by pressing r (you get 3 health potions each level)
* Press e to do a strong power attack (needs full green stamina bar)
* The dragon only starts attacking after you get close enough into his line of 
  sight, this can be avoided by running behind him if possible, this way you  
  shouldn’t get detected.
* Don’t press escape while playing a level or you get sent back to the main 
  menu instantly, losing all your progress in that level.
* Shift = run, Ctrl = Walk, M1 = attack, M2 = block.

The locations of the life elixir bottles for each location:

-=Level 1
Walk straight, towards the huge wall in the back, pass to the other side of 
the wall by going through a small gap in the left side corner of the huge 
walls. Keep going straight and pass the dragon. He will not start attacking as 
you walk outside his line of sight. Keep running straight and you will find 
the elixir.

-=Level 2
Go inside the castle, turn right, go down the stairs, turn right again and 
follow the corridor until the end where you will encounter the dragon. Just 
run past him on the right side, walk behind the wall and the bottle will be 
on your left side.
-=Level 3
A bit behind the dragon at the end of the level, in front of the huge walls. 
The dragon and all other monsters can be easily avoided by walking around 
them in a circle, following the outline of the map.
-=Level 4
Walk straight a bit and drop down at the place where you see the sword wielding 
monsters wandering about. Keep heading in the same direction until you see the 
dragon. Just run past him as fast as you can, while healing by pressing r when 
needed. The bottle is at the end of the arena.
-=Level 5
Make your way down to the castle, drop down 2 floors in the chapel and go outside, 
turn left, cross the bridge, turn right and walk straight towards the dragon. The 
bottle is located a couple of steps behind the dragon.
-=Level 6 
Walk into the forest, pass a wooden hut and keep going straight. On your left 
side will be a church with a blue tarp on the roof, ignore this building. Keep 
going the same direction until you reach a small hill and jump on top of it, 
from this point you can see the dragon and the church. Walk around the dragon 
in a circle so you avoid facing the flames head-on and walk straight into the 
church. It’s pitch black in there but the bottle is at the end of the church, 
in the middle of the wall.

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