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  Hints and Tips for: Gears 5 
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 Gears 5 Cheats

Gears 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to get Terminator:
Hereís a quick rundown of how to get Terminator in Gears 5. Actually, itís not 
just the Terminator thatís featured in this DLC. If you qualify youíll also get
a Sarah Connor skin, as well as a couple of other bonuses. So you definitely want
to be sure you get this, if youíre a fan of the long running series. How do you 
do it? Pre-order the game, of course. Yes, as is typical of free DLC these days,
itís only free to those who pre-order the game digitally or through retail. Doing
so will get you a code which you can then enter to receive the content. If you 
donít want to do that though, thereís one more way.

Game Pass, Microsoftís game subscription service, will also allow players to get 
the Terminator at no additional charge. Anyone who downloads and plays Gears 5 on 
an active Game Pass subscription within the first week of release will get the 
Terminator Dark Fate DLC added for free. This means you need to download and play
the game before September 16th to qualify, so make sure you do so if you want the

And thatís how to get Terminator in Gears 5. Once you have the character, you 
should be able to switch to him or Sarah Connor using the same method as any 
others. Keep in mind though that the use of these skins is limited to only certain

Secret Fish Stick weapon :
In Act I: Shot In The Dark, after separating into two groups and going to the 
right, you will enter a sewer. At the starting area of the sewer (before going
through the archway), shoot the four valves (two on the left side and two on 
right side) until they start smoking to spawn the Fish Stick weapon. This weapon
runs out of ammo quickly. Once it runs out of ammo, your character will drop it.
It can only be used again by reloading the chapter and activating the Easter Egg 

Relic Weapons Locations:
This guide lists the locations of each known Relic Weapon:

-=Boomshot Relic=-
Once you reach Act 2, head for the North Tower Substation in the Valley. You will 
find two generators to the right side of the substation. Check between those 
generators to find the Boomshot Relic.

-=Dropshot Relic=-
In Act 2 during the source of it all missing, you have to find the signal. Look 
for the red gears sign in the snow and once you find it, there will be a gap to 
your left, enter the gap to find the Dropshot Relic

-=Enforcer Relic=-
You can find this relic in the Act 2 Chapter 2, Before opening the north passage 
and after passing between two cliffs at the left side, you can find the red gear 
sign craved in the rock. You will find the Enforcer Relic laying below the sign.

-=Boltok Relic=-
In Act 2 Chapter 4, The Source of it all, during this mission, you will come across 
a snowmobile with a parachute tied on it. Just in front of the snowmobile, you will 
find the red gear sign. Go near the red gear and the move left to find the Boltok 

-=Longshot Relic=-
During the Missing outside mission, you will come across a wooden shack with a red 
gear sign craved on the wood outside the shack. You can find your Longshot Relic 
there inside the shack.

-=Torque Bow Relic=-
In Act 2, when you head to the Abandoned Mine in the South of the Valley, you will 
come across two paths. Follow the dirt path heading up and you will find the Torque 
Bow Relic next to a wooden support.

Horde Mode Surviving Tips & Tricks:
Leave one enemy alive so that you can pick up all the drops easily instead of having
to race against the clock. Get familiar with all the weapons as you can run out of 
ammo so donít be reluctant to grab any gun you can find and start shooting.

Keep Longshot or Markza around to kills larger enemies which require some focused fire.

Do everything possible to save yourselves from sires. These nasty creatures will drag
you away from your team for good which means you cannot be revived.

Scream, shout and beg for help from your teammates to help you out if one of them 
catches you because if they donít before the timer runs out. Youíll be dead.

How to Kill the Warden:
The best way to kill the Warden is to Freeze him using the Cryo Gun. It is found in a 
safe room or as an enemy drop. Find the Cryo Gun and use it against not only Warden 
but other big enemies. Once frozen, attack the head to deal as much damage as possible.
Avoid his melee attacks as they are one-shot-kills. When avoid Cryo freeze he will 
attack so the best way is to use the Boom shot.

How to Change Emotes & Expressions:
Follow these simple steps:

* Press the Menu button on any menu screen to open the sub-menu.
* Go right one to find the Customization option 
  (itís a little silhouette of a character).
* Choose the "Characters" option.
* Select the character you want to change the expressions for.
* Choose the expressions option.
* Select which ones you want to equip and replace.

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