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  Hints and Tips for: Gedonia 
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 Gedonia Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Become Invincible:
Written by Atomeka

This is a guide on how to become invincible in Gedonia. 
You will need access to the endgame armor sets to use this strategy.

1. Have at least 3 pieces of the crusher armor and the whirlwind ability 
which is under the ferocity tab of the skill tree. This is a melee ability 
that scales with melee damage so you will want equipment that boosts melee. 
If you have 3 pieces of crusher armor being worn, whirlwind will give you 
invincibility for 3 seconds when used.

2. Buy stamina potions. Lots of them.
The whirlwind ability uses stamina when used so you will want a lot of 
stamina potions. You can buy medium ones from the market at Ertoron in the 
Endless Fields.

3. Use a powerful (or not) melee weapon. I personally dual wield two King's 
Swords, but you can use any melee weapon that you want.
You will need to use whirlwind as your main source of damage so I'd recommend 
upgrading its damage, and the stamina efficiency at the explorers camp if you 

4. When in battle, use the whirlwind ability against the enemies until you're 
almost out of stamina, then use a stamina potion and repeat the process. This 
allows you to stay invincible and not take any damage against enemies that 
normally would deal tons of damage to you if you're timing everything correctly.

How to earn XP in Gedonia, game version 1.0.:
Submitted by: Jarus960

-=Obviously; fighting, questing and crafting=-
Yet there are 3 'legal' ways to earn tons of XP.

1.As soon as you get yourself a horse (or any other mount available through purchase, 
fight or catch) take your time and travel through all locations on the map. Each 
discovery of a new location gives you XP, starting from puny 50-60 around the village 
up to over 3000 XP in Darklands/Swamp region. While mounted you can avoid any random 
encounters on the map by simply ignoring those monsters around. Some locations 
(especially in the Desert region) provide multiple discovery XP if you enter them 
several times from different directions.

2.If you are on a good foot with certain factions, look for a world event on the map 
where 2 factions fight each other. Do not participate in a fight. Just stand and watch.
And every time any member of any faction gets killed you will receive XP. It's not much,
between 15 to 150 per kill, but faction fighters are endless, so enjoying them killing 
each other for a couple of minutes rewards you with a significant amount of XP.

3.Wonderful glitch with the quest 'Talking box'. Requires 4 in Charisma. When the 
'innocent' witch (her house is in the last forest in the South-Western corner of Volflar
region) asks you to return this box, do not return it to her. Instead, follow the dialogue
line in attempt to help this box. It will lead you to a secret temple where you have to 
place the box on a marked spot. The box turns into a man and that completes the quest. 
Yet this man (Shah-something) remains standing there and you can talk to him again and 
again. This dialogue has 2 options: 'Good buy' and another one. Choose another option 
and with 4 in Charisma you can end this dialogue receiving 1200 XP. Just spend 2-3 minutes
on this dialogue and you will get to level 70 doing nothing.

-=Enchanted weapons=-
Depends on your stats.

The best bow (105 basic damage + enchantments) can be obtained through 'Dorothy Drake' 
(Jump into unknown) quest in the Seer's forest.

The best bunch of weapons and magical items can be obtained in the Seer's overgrown temple. 
Though fighting there even at level 70 was extremely difficult.

Good weapons and armor can be obtained through the first quest in Explorer's line (min lvl 
45, Explorer's camp makes part of the main story). Though once inside Citadel of Evil you 
have to fight against 2 groups of super enemies, each of which has something like 20-30 
thousand HP + regeneration (it's my own estimation, not sure about it). Hit and run is the 
only way to beat them. Every enemy carries 4-5 magic items, so you need a lot of inventory 
space to take loot with you. Huge carrying bag, which unlocks 2 additional inventory spaces, 
is very much advisable. 

Probably there are even better weapons to be had in the following Explorer's quests, but 
I have no idea how to defeat those monsters spawning out of thin air there, so I gave up. 

Faction questlines can provide some decent equipment, though in majority of cases you have 
to pay for it. Diplomatic suit (Merchant questline) is one big disappointment. Extra companion 
is OK, but own survivability is more important, and in this regard this set of cloth is pretty 
useless. Archmage and Necromancer stuffs are decent but not more than that. Mind though that 
many items available through completion of faction questlines are available elsewhere for 
free (except fighting for them, of course).

Yet nothing in the game beats own crafted and enchanted armor and weapons. Adonite arrows 
and kainite items enchanted with leather/cloth/crystals/poisons are top of the tops. Even 
though a kainite bow deals only 100 damage, adding own crafted enchantments to it (incl. 
increased damage) makes it a really deadly weapon. Companion Wayanna (available after 
completion of the main story) with a poisoned kainite bow kills practically each monster 
in a single hit.

-=Village at the game start=-
Sidmir: your friendly tank. Give him a two-handed mace and a heavy armor piece and he 
will deal a lot of stunning damage while surviving through difficult battles. 
Relationship: money.

Dog: swift and agile. Give him a decent cloak and he will intercept any enemy moving 
towards you. 
Relationship: cooked meat.

Monastery: Brother Jordan. The best healer in the game capable of dealing some damage
too. I could not see any difference while providing him with a sword and a cloth/silk 
cap, but if that's the way then let it be so. 
Relationship: money.

Enchanted grove: Katra. An assassin. Pretty useless in any serious fight in his leather 
jacket using a dagger. His best part – funny animations and jumps during any fight. 
Relationship: money.

Golden Forest: Buta. He can deal a lot of damage with one-handed mace and take a lot of 
beating wearing a leather helmet, but he is so slow that most fights will be long over 
before he even gets there. 
Relationship: baked ribs.

-=Ernest's house (companions available after completion of the main story).=-
Ernest. An alchemist. Very poor alternative to Brother Jordan. He can deal very little 
damage with his torch, and his silk gloves (or boots, I am not sure) do not really protect 
him from monsters of higher level. Probably if one could get him at the start of the 
game he could develop into something useful, otherwise just forget him. 
Relationship: money (I am not sure though).

Wayanna. A very powerful archer. Using a bow and leather boots she can deal a lot of 
damage to any enemy. Though watching her fight one can notice that bow shooting is really 
a very slow process. 
Relationship: kainite arrows.

Volflar seacoast: Star Walker. Extremely powerful mage using lightning hits. Requires 
stuff and cloth/silk armor. Remarkably enough many enemies prefer to ignore him, so with 
your team completely down he somehow manages to keep on standing. 
Relationship: ghost essence.

How to Get Unlimited Gold, Skill Points and More (Edit Save Files):
Written by thelostgirl74

Tweak your character save files to give yourself unlimited skill points and gold. Change 
your hair and hair color, and give yourself more attribute points!

-=What you will need=-
* Notepad ++

-=Example of what you can edit=-
* Appearance (Head, Hair and Hair Color).
* Skill Points.
* Gold / Money.
* Attributes.

-=What you can’t edit=-
* Mana Points.
* Health Points.
* Stamina Points.

-=First Steps=-
* If you haven’t, create a character normally.
* If you already have a character, save your game with a name you will easily remember.
  Example: Lyric4594 Edit This File
* Open Your Character Save File with Notepad++.
  Location: x:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Oleg Kazakov\Gedonia
* Turn On Wordwrap.
* Everything you need to Edit will be under Player.
* Don’t worry about all the numbers, I will explain it to you.
* Exit the game before editing.
* After making any changes, save the file.
* Go back into the game and load the file you edited.
* Have fun!

Mine looks roughly like this: (My character’s name for this is Lyric.)

"Player" : {
"__type" : "string",
"value" : "(686.1, 29.4, 616.2)\/(0.0, 215.2, 0.0)\/Lyric\/4\/1\/0\/1\/4\/3\/2\/12\/99\/1448\
0+137+27o|0+13+|\/Joining warriors+1,0+|A greatest hero+1,1+1,1+1,0+|Mother and her children+0,
0+0,0+0,0+0,0+0,0+1,0+|Glory of the gladiator+1,1+1,1+1,1+1,1+1,0+0,0+0,0+|\/1+112|1+48|1+74|0|0|

-=Editing Appearance=-
Appearance Info:
* Name: In mine it’s Lyric.
* Head (0 – 8): Mine is set to 4.
* Hair (0 – 16): Mine is set to 1.
* Hair Color (0 – 3) Mine is set to 0.

-=Editing Attributes=-
Warning: Do not set a character’s attributes over 4. This could break your game.

* Strength (0 – 4) : Mine is set to 1.
* Agility (0 – 4) : MIne is set to 4.
* Intelligence (0 – 4) : Mine is set to 3.
* Charisma (0 – 4) : Mine is set to 2.

-=Editing Skill Points=-
In this section you can give yourself more skill points. You can always go back and re edit 
this if you run out. The other info is so you know what is what.

* This is your level. Mine is at 12.
* Skill Points: MIne is set to 99.
* Experience Points (Level 50 is 25,000. Mine is at 1426.).
* Health.
* Mana.
* Skills. Don’t worry about editing these, you can edit them in game after tweaking your skill 
  points anyway.

-=Editing Gold / Money=-
Gold / Money:

* Gold / Money: This is the first number after skills. I gave myself 9999.
* Inventory (Category + ID + Amount).
* Equipped Items.
* Reputation (0- Enemy, 1- Neutral, 2-Friendly, 3-Honored).
* Waypoints (1 – 7); (0 = not activated, 1 = activated).
* Everything else I haven’t messed with.

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