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  Hints and Tips for: Ghost Recon: Breakpoint 
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 Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Cheats

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Take Cover:
To avoid getting hit and downed in the battlefield, use covers and walls when you 
advance or fight enemies. Hiding behind cover reduces the chances of you getting 
hit, allowing you to recover and plan your next moves.

There is no need to press a button to go to cover as the game automatically clips 
your character to a cover once you get near it.

How to Enable Aim Assist:
An aim assist is available in-game. 
To activate it, please follow the steps below:

* Head to the main menu and select the Settings tab.
* Enter the Controller sub-menu.
* Then, toggle the value of the Aim Assist option until it displays a tick.

Note that you can also adjust the level of Crosshair Snap and CrossHair Magnetism 
after enabling the Aim Assist.
You can reset the settings in this category to default using the Reset to default 
option displayed in the bottom right of your screen.

How to Hold your Breath:
Holding your breath while aiming is a brilliant way to increase your chances of 
headshots etc. particularly when using a sniper rifle. To do so, hold the left trigger 
to aim first and then slightly release it to take a gasp and steady your weapon. Once 
you hear your character’s heart beating you’ll know you’re in the zone. Also, if 
you’re playing as the Sharpshooter class then you can hold your breath for longer, 
thus increasing your aiming ability.

-=How to level up fast=-
Unlock the following three skills/perks as soon as possible to make leveling much 
easier. Only one of these perks needs to be equipped to your character. The other 
two are passives — so you will instantly earn more XP at the start of the game.

* Experience Upgrade (Passive): +20% XP bonus.

* Pistolero (Perk): +40% XP bonus while using a handgun.

* Recon Master (Passive): +50 XP when marking enemies with your drone.

* Bonus: At any camps, select “Research” Preparations for +10% XP for +1 hour.
These three perks all include bonus XP rewards. The Experience Upgrade perk is found 
in the “Basic” circle, the Pistolero perk is in the connecting “Weapons” circle, and 
Recon Master is in the “Recon” circle. Once you unlock two skills in the “Basic” 
circle, these two new skill circles will become available. This build is basically 
stealth-focused and gives you large bonuses for using silenced pistols and marking 
enemies with drones. To get additional XP, try selecting the Panther class. Silencers 
do not decrease damage with pistols/SMGs, and you will want the Slim Shadow perk, 
which gives you a +80% bonus to stealth and vanish. That makes getting close a lot 
easier. For drones, try using the Drone Mark Area upgrade from the “Skills” menu. 
This increases the area-of-effect for drone marking by +75%. As you reach new areas, 
you will encounter increasingly large groups of enemies. This makes marking them 
with your drone a lot easier and quicker. Combine these perks, including the +10% XP 
camp bonus, to earn +70% XP for every pistol kill, +65 XP for marking enemies, 
and +30% XP for everything else.

Unique Boss weapons:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding unique Boss 
weapon and its blueprint:

Flycatcher's P90 (SMG): Successfully complete the "Flycatcher" mission. 
It has high damage and mag capacity, punishing recoil, low accuracy.

Rosebud's Zastava M93 (sniper): Defeat the elite sniper in the "Rosebud" mission. 
It has the highest penetration in class, high damage, tough to control.

Sharp Thunder (pistol): Defeat Walker at the end of the story to unlock his 
signature Revolver. It is highly stable with a huge kick. It usually is a one-hit 
kill on most enemies, no matter where you shoot them on their body.

Silver Stake Tactical (assault rifle): Defeat Walker at the end of the story to 
unlock his signature ASR. It is a tactical variant: integrally suppressed and 
highly accurate.

Silverback's KSG12 (shotgun): Successfully complete the "Silverback" mission. 
It has the largest magazine in class at the cost of range and reload speed.

Vulkan Crash Fix Guide:
Written by Sgt. Dick Coxler

After buying this game and getting a PhD in skull-fu***ry BS that doesn’t work 
I present to you the solution.

-=The Fix=-
So here’s what worked for me:
* Go to Nvidia control panel.
* Manage 3D settings -> Program settings.
* Select Breakpoint as the program to customize.
* The last option is “Vulkan/OpenGL present method” select “Prefer layered on 
  DXGI Swapchain”.
* Test if it fixed the crash.

I have tested for about 1 hour, running benchmarks and playing, even turning on 
overlays and afterburner which supposedly crash Vulkan in this game immediately.

Before this, without changing anything else, my game would insta-crash on entering 
open world or even running the in-game benchmark.

-=For reference=-
* Vulkan all settings are Ultimate except Fog at High, 1440p, 85fps lock and the 
  game never drops below 85.
* DX11: I had to drop settings to High, put res scaling at 90 and barely got 75fps.

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