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  Hints and Tips for: Ghosts Of Tabor 
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 Ghosts Of Tabor Cheats

Ghosts Of Tabor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide for New Players:
Written by MrDerp

-=Safe House=-
The safe house is essentially your home so treat it as if it was your home.

To start you will be placed here with key cards which also depends on which 
game version you bought (DLC) if you just bought the game on its own you 
will have 4 cards these cards are color coded to certain doors around the 
bunker you値l have the doors color on the keypad all you need to do is place 
the card inside it.

The armoury This is where you値l be almost 90% of the time if its to store 
guns, make a kit for your next run, make ammo or just to dump stuff and run 
off to the next raid, I recommend keeping this place as clean as possible, 
it値l make your life easier and give you a sense of achievement, in this 
room you値l have access to the 2nd gun room as well this will be a great 
place to put higher end guns that you don稚 feel comfortable to use yet,
these rooms will also allow you to store up to 11 backpacks as well as 9 
vests and 9 helmets, The peg boards/weapon storage wall, can store guns, 
pistols knives and magazines as well, they will help you a ton on storage,

This room has a ton of storage for your foods and drinks, you値l have access 
to this room at the start of the game, it can be used to store other things 
as well not just food and drinks, you can use it store your ammo boxes, 
spare mags or guns if you ran out of room in the armoury.

-=Trader room=-
This is a very important room you値l be here to collect stuff from the 
traders when you go to the market you値l have access to quick buying favourites 
so it saves you time rather than going back to market and buying the stuff 
again, the room also allows you to turn in mission based items for your trader 
missions as well as has some minor storage areas and a mannequin which you can 
use to store a vest on it.

-=Shooting range=-
This room will help you test your guns range and accuracy you can also find out 
which guns suit your needs here as you値l be in the safety of your own home 
and be allowed shoot at targets.

-=Weapon Systems=-
Weapon styles is a way of determining a weapons use and reload, the 2 most 
common types are on this section.

In this game there are 2 main weapon systems which will be refereed to M4 
and AK (Doesn稚 apply to handguns)

-=M4 System=-
This weapon system is commonly known for allowing rail mounts, sight mounts 
and fore grips straight out the box and doesn稚 need additional modifications 
to allow these attachments to be used while you can add more stuff to it for 
adding more to the weapon its not really needed but its there to be used in 
case you are wanting more bang for your buck on a weapon, this type of system 
also uses a charging handle located at the back of the gun unlike the AK system.

-=AK system=-
This weapon system is much harder to use as it doesn稚 allow modifications 
right away so you値l have to find mounts for the gun before you are even able 
to put stuff on the gun these rails mounts can be used to put sights on the 
gun, though some AK systems do allow this feature right away it値l be harder 
to get to those guns as they are high end that can only be earned through loot 
rooms or trader progression, this systems reload style is a under arm reload 
which is reaching the charging handle on the right side of the gun than the 
M4 style which is a charging handle at the back.

-=Pistol systems=-
Handguns are a mix of styles, you値l have some with mounting rails and some 
without, the main ones I know of that allow modifications out of the box is 
the glock 17 which allows you to put a sight and a under barrel attachment 
for either a fore grip, laser sight, flash light or angled rails.

This section will help you determine what type of play style you want or 
mix and match so you are more effective on the field.

This is one thing you値l need to learn scouting will be a mixture of knowing 
which buildings have what, locations of Fenix and spawns, this is a effective 
way of helping you plan loot runs to maximise your trader progression and 
money as quickly as possible, it will also help giving these places names 
which you can base off their locations such as docks, underground car park, 
tower or lighthouse.

This type of tactic is very effective against other players who don稚 know 
the area all that well and can generate you a huge amount of profit in raids, 
but you値l need to learn where the most common place is for foot traffic and 
safe areas to fall back on in case you need a quick get away, you can also 
hide yourself in trees and bushes as well as windows but make sure you re 
frame from standing directly in front of the window so you don稚 get spotted.

-=Slow and methodical=-
This will be a case of being slow on your engagements and keeping your ammo 
high and you out of harms way you値l need to be using cover a lot and keeping 
you enemy at your will if thats by keeping a high ground or having them stuck 
in a house after you having a fire fight, this method of play style is also 
great if you decide to try and do role play runs.

These style of playing are great, having a friend by your side always keeping 
a eye on you as well as theirs can also really help with fire fights as you値l 
have someone to keep enemies at your will while one or more of you guys flank 
them. but playing solo doesn稚 mean you don稚 have any of that what you do 
have is a microphone this will help you in many situations such as being pinned
down close to enemies you can pretend to have a team mate by telling you 
認riends the enemies locations forcing them to peel off and give you a opening.

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