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  Hints and Tips for: Gigantic: Rampage Edition 
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 Gigantic: Rampage Edition Cheats

Gigantic: Rampage Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Diggy Guy with a Lot of Damage:
The exact order isnít final (Clash isnít in this playtest so I have no reason 
to worry about it yet). This also isnít what Iíd call an ďoptimalĒ build for 
him, but it does allow for you to play aggressively and potentially secure 
kills. It also enables a ton of interrupts: Rutgerís burrow, wall, tremors, 
and focus all interrupt with this build.

You shouldnít be playing Rutger as up in your face as you would Margrave, 
since you want to try and stay around 1100 hp as much as possible. Doesnít 
mean you shouldnít commit, but Iíve found that more of a hit-and-run playstyle 
allows for you to have a much larger presence because of how quickly your 
shield regens. Play for interrupts as much as you can, and try and dip in and 
out of combat to harass the enemy backline too.

Always try to keep some wall or burrow ready for an escape unless you know you 
can commit. Abuse the fact that tremorís have some absurd interactions with 
collision (hitting through walls, traveling up walls, etc) to get some easy 
interrupts and picks. Make sure to properly place your walls, as the act of 
placing the wall is ALSO an interrupt.

Thereís another build Iím trying, but I need to mess with that more to see 
how it does.

-=TLDR for Skills=-
* LMB: Digging deeper -> Laceration.
* RMB: Spike damage -> Rocked to the core.
* Q: Seismic activity -> Give me the slowdown.
* E: Teardown -> Mineral heavy.
* Focus: Ready to rock -> Focus buffer.
* Talent: Mountain range.

Build for a Combat Healer:
I do love doing damage, so I figured Iíll make a build for Sven to do just that! 
Of course I still want to support my teammates appropriately.

Decided to make a build to compromise between the two!

* Fire Flask: Flame Out -> Slow Roasted.
* Acid Flask: Longevity Catalyst -> Chemical Burn.
* Elastic Ooze: Bounces Off Me -> Absorption Matrix.
* Healing Waters: Double Dose -> Healthy Glow.
* Chaos Quaff: Enthusiasm -> Powerful Chemistry.
* Talent: Potent Medicine.

The main tip I can give you Ė stay close to your teammates to maximize the healing. 
You donít really need to aim well with flasks to do damage. Feel free to finish off 
low health enemies and run away afterwards.

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