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  Hints and Tips for: Gilded Shadows 
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 Gilded Shadows Cheats

Gilded Shadows

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Endings Guide:
Written by Buttfart Princesspants VIII

For Gilded Shadows players, if you want to know all endings in game, this guide 
will show you all routes, letís check them out.

Here are some basics you may want to know before you start playing:

There are 6 people to romance right now (Reuben, Yuu and Quill will be released later, 
and I will update this guide when they are)

Each option has a certain number of endings, with Magnus and Jack having the most. 
They all have a "Passionate" and "Sweet" ending. You are only given an "ending" 
achievement for the "Passionate" ending, which can be largely seen as the "best" 
romance ending, whilst "Sweet" ending can be seen as the friendship ending.

I will be adding the timelines at a later date.

Like my other guides, this one will not be concise. If you want the "fatest" and 
"optimal" ways to woo them all, this is not the guide for you. It is detailed in 
order to give people as much information for those little loose ends.

Your eye-colour and hair-colour do not matter. Pick your favourite look at your 
leisure. Keep in mind, certain characters will have certain dialogue based on your 
appearance. For example, the Ari route will unlock a special text if you also have 
white hair. Your personality, however, does matter Ė as certain choices are locked 
before personality traits.

Top tip: Before you meet Rory, your interactions with other characters are largely 
free. Use this initial chapter to see what personality traits characters react 
favourably to. For example, Caleb likes when you are flexible and get in the car, 
and cautious when he walks you back. So youíll want to restart and pick those two 
traits in order to benefit from later, "locked" dialogue choices in his route. 
This is the case with every character.

Certain choices may currently be broken with this personality trait system. 
For example, I am currently able to select choices that should be locked behind 
traits. However, this is a day-one guide and game, so this may be intentional, 
or may be fixed. If so, the guide will be updated to accommodate this.

Jack (Passionate Ending)
"Iím a man of many talents, Butterfly"

Jack has 5 endings. Follow this guide to unlock the Passionate ending and achievement. 
You will also unlock "Life Saver", "Burn it with fire" and "Spoilers" with this route. 
This will also unlock almost all of Jackís CGs, apart from the 9th one.

For this walkthrough, play as "Confident, Stubborn, and Emotional":

Throw the card in the bin. Ė Unlocks "Burn it with fire"
Join the crowd and see whatís going on
Keep the observation about his accent to yourself
Iím really sorry, but I actually am busy right now
Ask the man if heís okay
Fight against your attacker
Take the Flask and drink
Pick up a weapon and get ready to fight
Drop it
Reason with him Ė Unlocks "Lifesaver"
Flee the area to a safer place
Trust Jack Ė even if heís shady.
Find Jack and warn him
I want to go with Jack
Being able to destroy isnít incredible
Tell him youíve never seen the stars before
Take a closer look
Tease him a little
Try to reassure him and tell him youíre glad to see him
I just meant I have a different perspective.
Calm him down and change the subject
Thatís it, I could heal Jack with Psi
I guess thereís a time to be cautious and a time to be reckless.
An important person to me.
Iím not someone who can stop from caring about people here.
Iím sorry for scaring you.
Go check Sylviaís journal instead Ė Unlocks "Spoilers"
Maybe not, but I understand how he must feel
Tackle him
Follow him
Someone had to do something
Why donít you try me then? I might surprise you.
The other queen here is the biggest threat Ė Unlocks "Jack Passionate Ending"
Ari (Passionate Ending)
"Iíve never allowed myself to want something this strongly."

Ari has 3 endings. For Ariís route, I recommend having white hair, as a dialogue 
change is involved. You should also play "Cautious, Stubborn and Analytical". 
This route will give you all but the 10th CG. This route will unlock the "Burn it 
with fire", "Teleportation Pro" and "Ari Passionate Ending" achievements.

Throw the card in the bin, you donít need or want it Ė Unlocks "Burn it with fire"
Take a different route altogther, just in case
Thank him
Iíll come by this afternoon as planned
Apologise to him
Flee your attacker and find help
Take the flask and drink
Ask whoís there
Reason with him
Flee the area to a safer place
I donít have a choice but it doesnít mean I trust you
Wait there and say nothing 
The tall kidnapper 
Push his hands away and get up, anyway
It kind of makes me uncomfortable
You canít lose sight of the fact the future always holds unknowns
Is your shoulder alright?
I still donít think itís the same
Iíll stay and wait a little longer
Do it again. You will get it right this time.
Try and clear the air
Reserve judgement
Of course it does!
Accept his help if he stays out of sight
Everything Iíve observed about him is in my report
Go to him and comfort him
I already have something scheduled
Of course itís okay.
Iím ready, I can do this.
Assure him heís not going to lose you
It can be hard getting used to sleeping with someone, canít it?
No, I have to do this. Ė Unlocks "Teleportation Pro" and "Ari Passionate Ending"
Caleb (Passionate Ending
"Heh, come at me any time little queen. I look forward to it."

Caleb has 4 endings. Calebís route unlocks the "Caleb Passionate Ending", "Burn it 
with fire" and "Anything You Can DoÖ". It also unlocks all but the 9th CG in his 
collection (with the two variations). For this route, you want to be "Confident, 
Stubborn and Analytical".

Throw the card in the bin Ė Unlocks "Burn it with fire"
Squeeze through the crowd
I need to go home
Itís not that Iím busyÖ
Play along for now
Take the flask and drink
Pick up a weapon and get ready to fight
Flee to a safer place
I donít have a choice, but I donít trust you
Wait there and say nothing - Click yes.
The Grumpy Kidnapper - Click yes.
I stayed where I was
Thinking about Ifs is pointless at this stage
Whatís it really like?
I accept your apology
Enjoying the book?
Iím adjusting
Go to the training room
Oh? Tell me the rumors
Stay where you are
You donít need a reason to care about people Ė Unlocks "Anything you can doÖ"
Didnít break in this time?
This isnít really why weíre here, is it?
Prove it to him OR Turn away - I preferred "Turn Away".
Take his hand
I never thought Iíd date a kidnapper
Pull back right away
Did you grow up in delphine?
Kiss him
Arenít you being too obvious? Ė Unlocks "Caleb Passionate Ending"

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