Girls and Dungeons Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Girls and Dungeons 
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 Girls and Dungeons Cheats

Girls and Dungeons

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Puzzle Solutions and Stuff:
Written by RobDeLaMorte.

People are still getting stuck but somehow not checking the forums so I 
guess I'll do a miniguide here for the two puzzles people get stuck with.

-=Water Cave Puzzle=-
Winner of the "Most frustrating puzzle" award of 2017. ; ; Everyone gets 
stuck on this one, some longer than others. It was actually such a problem 
that the game makers themselves had to tell us how to beat it. xD

Anyway it turns out that the solution is actually really simple. After you 
beat the sub-boss big slime, you'll enter what I call the entrance room. 
if you go out to the west/left exit, you'll come out to the western room. 
Follow the picture and take the exit to the north and you'll enter side 
treasure room 1. It's got only one exit, so go back out and you'll appear 
outside the door to the north from the entrance room again.

From there, just repeat the directions! :D Go west again, then go north 
again and you'll appear in the boss room, instead of the treasure room 
before. You'll see a red gate and the alcohol fumes showing it's a boss 
room, so make sure you're healed and stuff. 
Also if you want to save yourself some pain later, here is a special 
spoilery tip: Make sure Loreley has any equipment apart from her weapon 
and fairy armour unequipped. 
You'll lose her immediately following this battle!

-=Cylinder Puzzle=-
There is a point in the area past the water caves (Don't fight the dust 
bunnies! Their defence is way too high and they'll only take damage from 
Hiro's skills! ¬_¬) where you will have to go back and forth between the 
actual dungeon and the twisted version, tuning gourds to progress. 
This puzzle causes quite a few people trouble also, so here's what you do.

It tells you to press the pillar counter-clockwise three times and check 
the sign again to proceed. Unfortunately, there's no feedback of any sort 
so you can't tell if you're doing it right or wrong. A lot of people make 
the mistake of starting from the top side, which makes sense but is the 
wrong starting point.

What you're actually meant to do is start from the right side of the 
cylinder. Press it with C to begin and from there, you press the bottom 
side, the left side and the top side in order. Then repeat that two more 
times, before finishing on the right side. (In total you'll have pressed 
13 times on this stupid cylinder.) 
When that's done, click the sign and it should let you proceed.

If you don't understand, just follow the picture below and follow the 
numbers. (So press C on #1 first, then move to #2 and so on) 
Don't forget to check the sign after #13!

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