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  Hints and Tips for: Gloomhaven 
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 Gloomhaven Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Some Tips:
Written by Perkus

This guide contains tips that are not included in basic tips and tricks.

Whenever possible, avoid damage that you don't have to take. As soon as the 
monsters' cards are flipped, carefully check which monsters are doing what, 
how soon, how hard, and at what range. If you can stay out of range, kill/stun
/disarm/immobilize/muddle particularly troublesome actions, or avoid AoEs 
before they happen, do so. Sometimes it's even worth completely scrapping & 
replacing your original plan to avoid a single high damage attack or summon.
Consider playing the opposite top & bottom, burning a card you didn't intend 
to, or just switching to a default attack and/or move. This is where playing 
the highest initiative you can more often than not becomes valuable. If you 
go first, you can avoid a lot of unexpected headaches by improvising. When 
you start to get good, you'll even begin choose your card combos with such 
alternate plans in mind already.

Besides killing the baddies and avoiding damage, your third goal should be 
to manage your movement through the dungeon efficiently. Whenever reasonable, 
try to move closer to the next door while still doing & avoiding damage 
efficiently. Do not swap out/burn/use up your best movement cards lightly, 
having a reusable Move 4 or jump available can save you several precious 
turns over the course of a long dungeon. Movement items (boots, teleports) 
are very valuable not only to for maximizing attacks, but to speed your 
progress through the rooms.

Opening doors aggressively but safely is almost a mini-game. Always plan for 
the new monsters taking immediate actions. You want to be as healed up as 
possible & have as many ability & item card options available as possible 
before cracking open another room. Resting just before opening doors if 
you're almost due is often prudent. You may want to take a turn to cast some 
persistent buffs while you're not under enemy pressure. You'll want all your 
characters close to the door when it's opened so they can contribute quickly. 
But you don't want to waste too much time to get ready before opening every 
door. Try to have your door-opener reserve at least one extra hex of movement 
available to your after the door opens to either retreat or advance to a 
better tile. If you're a melee character, try to have either a ranged attack 
prepared or additional movement ready (boots) so you can immediately make 
some sort of impact. Know the rules for LOS between hexes, it actually takes 
quite a sharp angle for LOS to be blocked around doorways and more often than 
not both sides are easily targetable.

Try to be proactive, not reactive. Offence usually trumps defence in this 
game, as you're on a card clock, but the monsters aren't. The best status 
effect is "dead". You can't hang back, shield & heal, as your resources are 
limited, and the enemy's are not. Some will summon more if given the chance. 
You won't have to prevent or heal damage that you can avoid or preempt through 
clever timing, positioning, card selection, and item use.

Donít worry too much about earning extra XP from actions, your first priority 
is winning, or you will lose all gains made anyway. You donít need a ton of 
gold, and only the treasure chests are worth going out of your way for. Leave 
most coins on the floor, unless they literally fall into your lap along the 
way, or you have a convenient moment of peace to play that Loot card. Only 
once youíre in the last room, with most enemies under control, and confident 
of victory, you can afford to relax a bit and start grabbing coins and playing 
cards for maximum XP. Feel free to let the last guy live an extra turn while 
you grab what you can.

Tips & Tricks for Being Successful:
Written by Scribbles

These are just some notes Iíve put together that might be helpful for new 
playerís who have read/skimmed the rules to help be successful in Gloomhaven.

-=Tips for Surviving Dungeons=-
* Dungeons are quite tight, you have to get the most out of every single card 
and action to be regularly successful, that means very few wasted actions or 
frivolous-burn-card uses.

* You should always hold off on resting until youíve discarded all your cards, 
even if a discarded card would be perfect for what you need this round, itís 
not worth burning a card to get it back. Donít rest early unless you can do 
absolutely nothing of value (at least until you get a feel for the game).

* It maybe helpful to note that you can always use any cardís top half as 
regular attack-2, and the bottom half as a move-2; to do this you click the 
little 2-sword/boot icons in the vertical center of the card on the left or
 right, click these instead of the big top/bottom half click regions. This 
might help prevent wasted cards.

* Using the default attack/move-2 never causes burn cards to be burned, so 
if you queue a burn card because you might need it, you can use the default 
action to save it if you donít end up needing the big effect.

* Each and every card is really more valuable than HP, when you get hit you 
can sacrifice a card (or 2 discards) to prevent the damage, however this is 
typically something to be avoided unless necessary (or if youíre running out 
of healing, and you take a big hit).

* How burning cards affects your longevity: If you have a 10-card hand, and 
never burn or recover a card except to rest, you have total number of rounds 
of 5+4+4+3+3+2+2+1+1 = 25 rounds. If you burn a single extra card in the first 
round you have 4+4+3+3+2+2+1+1 = 20 rounds, thatís a huge swing because that 
card is subtracted from each rest that follows, leaving you with far fewer 
rounds of play; in round 1 you have to have a HUGE benefit to justify that 
expense. After your 5th rest however, that cost is substantially reduced 
5+4+4+3+3+2+1+1 = 23 rounds. I have no idea how long the average dungeon is, 
but I want to say itís in the neighborhood of 12-18 rounds.

* It is absolutely ok to use burn cards early, but it does shorten your run 
substantially, until you get a feel for the game you should lean towards 
saving them unless youíre sure itís worth it (for example, burning a big 
attack to prevent a summoner from summoning another enemy is a great idea, 
you can queue the card and just use the attack-2 if the summoner dies before 
itís needed).

* Try to determine when itís good to move towards the next door, if you have 
one character who can handle a remaining enemy, donít move the other character 
backwards to help, instead have him press on and start the next room.

* Itís ok to short rest, but look carefully at the randomly lost card, it is 
absolutely worth paying a health to save a vital card, however keep in mind 
you canít make trade another health for a second redraw, so you could lose a 
more valuable card by redrawing, typically only 2 or 3 cards in your hand are 
worth this risk (the health isnít really a factor typically, itís more about 
what other card could be lost).

* Do your best to long rest if you have used any reusable items or need health. 
Itís ok to pop a long rest while actively in combat, but try to do so near the 
end of a room as combat winds down; youíre going to get 2 more HP than you had 
(3 more if you consider a redraw on a short rest) so you can take a hit to get 
your reusable items back in play and to have a choice of what card to discard.

* When choosing cards to lose during a long rest, try to balance between saving 
a fair number of burn cards without leaving yourself short on reusable cards.

* Donít try to get all the loot, especially when youíre struggling, the game 
is designed to make looting difficult, end your move on a gold stack when it 
doesnít interfere, and play loot cards when youíve got 3+ stacks in range, 
but otherwise keep your eyes on the goal.

* Keep an eye out for the little treasure boxes (usually in the last room), 
they look like a pine box, and are kinda easy to overlook. Those are worth 
going out of your way to grab, and you should know whether or not you can 
spare the actions to do so by that point in the dungeon.

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