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  Hints and Tips for: Glyph 2 
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 Glyph 2 Cheats

Glyph 2

Submitted by: David K.

When matching, it's generally better to start at the top and work your way down. 
When you match at the bottom, potential matches at the top of the screen might 
get split up as the tiles fall. 

You'll automatically be taken to the map screen after completing the mini-game, 
but you can build or upgrade monuments at any time by accessing the Map button 
from the game screen. 

Quest mode ends when you run out of lives. However, when you start a new game 
you'll begin with your monuments and energy from the previous game. 

You don't necessarily have to clear away all strata on the board to clear a 
level; just enough to reveal the glyph underneath. 

If you've just made a match underneath a group of stones, you can be quick and 
click on the group before they fall to break the strata underneath them. 

Some mini-tasks can only be completed once per level, and some are ongoing in 
other words, you can (and should) do the task as many times as possible to rack 
up the points. 

When you make a match, new tiles will fall from above to fill in the holes. 
In situations where this is not possible, such as underneath Solid Rock, random 
tiles will simply appear to fill in the spaces. 

Making matches charges the power meter, but it will gradually drain the longer 
you go without making a match. The exception is when it has completely filled -- 
then it will stay charged until you use it. 

Look for opportunities to rack up energy. For example, find a level with a single, 
easy, repeating mini-task (like matching 50 blue tiles in 1 minute in level Water
3-1), and a slow timer. You can rack up a lot of energy by just matching blue tiles
over and over again, and matching tiles will recharge your timer automatically, 
you don't have to worry about running out of time. 

You'll lose a life if the level timer reaches zero (in other words, all the light 
drains out of the spiral at the bottom right of the screen). You can re-charge the 
timer by making matches or by using Gestures. 

If you're desperate and about to run out of time, trying casting a low-level Row 
gesture it will completely refill the timer. 

In the Altar min-game, you don't have to trace the glyphs in the column in which
they appear you can trace them anywhere on the screen. 

Lives are precious, because if you lose them all your game is completely over. 
So needless to say, don't waste them. 

When you lose all your lives in Quest mode, you will start a new game keeping the 
monuments you've collected and the energy you had built up. If you want to start 
again from scratch, you must start a new player profile.

Continuing Quest mode:
When you run out of lives, Quest mode ends. Start a new game to begin with your 
previously collected monuments and energy.

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