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  Hints and Tips for: G-Nome 
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 G-Nome Cheats


Cheat Codes:
At the Mission computer press [Ctrl]+[F1]. Then You can enter one or 
more of the following cheats. All the codes are case sensitive! 
Correct codes will be confirmed by a beep. Here are the codes:

Code                Effect
Redtop Trod       - Select all single player missions from the mission Menu.
Half Libel        - Activates Teleport key.
Had A Nude On     - Activates Invincibility key.
Brass Clue        - Activates Amunition Key.
Mother Mourn Us   - Changes mountain on mission 1-5 to Mt. Rushmore with 
                    programers faces.
Chaste Coed       - View the end video sequences.
Rotted Drop       - Activates Destroy Target.
Horny Elk Leer    - Activates all targets on radar key.
O'Sarge           - Gives Seargeant in training missions an Irish accent.
Swiss Throat      - Changes Citadel building into 7th level headquarters.
RANGE GOES GORY   - All Levels, and lots of other stuff
DUNK IT HERE      - Recording Session Outtakes
OH NO! LESS JAPAN - Activates Ion-Strike Key
A Scramble On     - Let's you take screen shots by pressing SHIFT-CTRL-RIGHT CLICK.

In-Game-Keys :
During game play.

Code        Effect
[CTRL]+I  - Activates Invinciblity.
[CTRL]+Z  - Refills ammo.
[CTRL]+F  - Destroy current target.
[CTRL]+B  - Teleport Behind Target.
[CTRL]+P  - All targets on radar.
[Ctrl]+X  - Aan ion strike.
[Ctrl]+K  - Remove displays.
[Ctrl]+H  - Battlefield-only display.

Photo Gallery 
Type "Swiss Throat" in the cheat code box and it changes the Citadel building in
mission 2-6 to 7th Level Headquarters and inside are the pictures of the programers.
Hit TAB to cycle through them. 

Pick a Ship 
If you use a "gashr" on any occupied ship, the pilot will come out. If you go into its
ship, it's yours.

Level 1:
Begin game play on level 1 under the easy difficulty setting. When you approach the 
first Merc HAWC, move backwards and eject. Then use your GASHR to eject the pilot, 
get inside the HAWC and crush him. Destroy the next HAWC to win the level.

Unlimited passengers:
You must have a vehicle that holds passengers for this trick. First, go to controls, 
switch the eject passenger control on the 2 3 4 boxes to "D", and save it on all modes.
Start any type of game and get a passenger. When you press D, you will have unlimited 
passengers, but the passenger has to be in a different vehicle. For example, if you 
are driving the Scorp Tank and do the trick, you make your passenger in a guard tower,
and he will stay there. If they are not in a vehicle, they will disappear. If you press
D again when one of the passengers die (are ejected), then all the extra people will 
be killed.

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