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  Hints and Tips for: God Of Weapons 
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 God Of Weapons Cheats

God Of Weapons

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Thief Build:
Written by DrJack

Use this guide to get you a lot of achievements (and win any difficulty!). 
Change things up a bit and try your own ideas. Enjoy!

Just hear me out. Want to get a lot of achievements at the same time with 
just 1 run? Try Thief.

* Get only daggers (Ebony dagger is my main choice because the damage scales 
  the more you kill stuff). But get only 6 daggers. (You get the Edgy and the
  Less is More achievements that way).
* Don’t get more than 6 weapons ever (when you gotta replace a dagger for a 
  higher tier one, first sell the one you currently have and then buy the 
  new one).
* Max out Range & Lifeleech. Trust me. Luck is always a top choice to get 
  better weapons from time to time.
* Buy a LOOOT of small stuff. Remember that each item gives you attack speed 
  and this build is all about DPS. Coins, rings, clocks, gauntlets, lanterns 
  (oh god yes, lanterns!) everything small gives you a boost in atk speed 
  and that’s the key to this.
* You get a few more achievements if you reach the correct amount of range, 
  lifeleech and luck.

You also get achievements for standing still without moving, getting hit a 
lot, heal a lot with lifeleech and even level up 5 times in a floor.

Buying Weapons Tips:
* Every weapon you can buy between rounds has a special pattern.
* They all need a specific amount of blocks.
* When you hover your mouse over a weapon you can see the 
  decription and on the right the pattern.
* Greatswords take like 5 straight blocks, smaller swords 4. 
  Dagger 3 blocks…just check the weapons with your mouse.
* If the item shakes you either don't have the funds or the 
  inventory space PERFECTLY fitting the items unique size in your 
* Swap an item down to your overflow and rearrange your inventory 
  to fit it, and you'll be able to buy it.

Tips to Obtain Skewer Achievement:
Requirements: Skewer

Reach 3 Pierces as the Sharpshooter

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* Obviously luck is a requirement. You want a good amount of luck in order to 
  be offer the arrow head.
* Resource gain and enemy count. You want to be getting lots of money so that 
  you can reroll more. Having more enemys is also a good thing as it’ll give more 
  money and with high enough damage, you should be fine.
* Save money in the beginning. You wont see tier 3 items often in the early stages,
  so dont bother rerolling so much in the early game. Once your inventory is full 
  then stop rerolling, I’d start spending all my money once I get to stage 10+
* With those 3 in mind, I was able to get my achievement done quickly and when im 
  playing a projectile build, I see those arrow heads often. So I highly dont agree
  that this achievement is “impossible”. Look at what your buying and ask yourself 
  if these items are actually helping your build or not.

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